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The Black Frida

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 12 December 2017   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu 
The Black Frida

Following the model workshop for beginners, the Rorisang Lu brand worked with Thembinkosi Buto, a 22-year old aspiring model from Molepolole in the project 'The Black Frida'. Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexican painter. Her work demonstrates her troubled life and overcoming obstacles. Her strength is what inspired the project for the brand to commemorate a powerful woman of origin as the Rorisang Lu brand goes beyond clothing. It is of a unique spirit and it is important that the public see it. We chose Thembinkosi because of her personality. To portray such a big public figure we needed a strong personality as well as a strong face. Frida was not your typical blonde beauty. Her iconic mono brow and braided hair is what created her identity. We chose her also because of her professionalism and her motive to learn and work with the brand. The shoot had taken place at the Thapong Visual Arts Centre in village. Make up was done by Sadie Simanyana. The Rorisang Lu brand is searching for strong and interesting aspiring models especially woman of dark skin and natural hair; height from 1.68 to 1.85 and sizes from 28 to 34. The brand works with various projects from photo shoots to runway shows and exhibitions. The brand is creating a platform for beginner models so to help gain some experience. The Rorisang Lu brand believes in process and time. To create quality work, patience is essential from all angles of any project. Consistency is key in creating a great portfolio of work. Thembinkosi Buto gave a general review about working with the brand: 

How did you find out about Rorisang Lu?

I stumbled upon the Facebook page (a friend shared one of their photos) and started following to see more about the brand and what they offered.

What did you think about the brand?

I immediately found it unique; the use of nature (from the designs, their cut and presentation) with poetry and quotes is captivating.

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How did you get involved with the brand?

On the 25th of November I went to the model workshop the brand hosted. 

What distinguishes Rorisang Lu from other brands you have worked with?

This was my first time working with any brand (really grateful for the chance), but this is mainly because not many chances are given to newbies in the modelling industry.

What do you think the Rorisang Lu brand represents in your own words?


Do you think working with Rorisang Lu can take you further than where you are now?

Definitely, the brand has helped me be more focused. I am not only learning about the industry, but about what I can offer myself also since working with the brand I am getting a little recognition from people about the work we have done.


Were you able to express yourself when doing the photo shoot?

I was totally in a different zone both physically and emotionally the whole experience was amazing and yes I was able to express myself, the photos tell it all really.


What advice would you give to beginner models when working with Rorisang Lu?

Be open to learning.


Rate the brand workmanship out of 10.

A definite 10! 


Did it reach your expectations? Please explain.

It surpassed my expectations, I learned a lot from the model workshop all the way to the shooting. It's a lot of work that is put in, but the Rorisang Lu team makes it all worthwhile. The drive and visions they put out really makes one to have hope in one's self. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be working with this amazing brand.