AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; DJ Lexy J engages Boago Modiitsane

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 December 2017   |   By Dj Lexy J
AN AFFAIR WITH MUSIC; DJ Lexy J engages Boago Modiitsane

Dr Boago Modiitsane, an Optometrist by profession and a farmer at heart is from Mahalapye aka Diponeng….that’s how we call it. This is the place where he spent most of his youth .He did both primary and secondary schooling there.  He is married with three children.

DJ LEXY J: I’d like to know your relationship with music, when did the love begin? How far back can you remember?

DR MODIITSANE: My father is a retired teacher and was a school choir conductor. I think I got the love for music from him. When I was at primary school I was part of both the school boys’ choir and the combined (SATB) choir under the conductorship of the Mr. Marman (May his soul rest in peace), he is late now. Music was central to me and it was part of my future plans until I was admitted at Madiba Secondary School. Upon my admission to form one, my interest in music was aborted. Madiba, unlike the likes of Moeng College, did not have a school choir. I had to settle for softball, athletics and football instead.

DJ LEXY J: What kind of music do you love and how often do you indulge yourself?

DR MODIITSANE: My involvement in sports kind of got the most of me and pulled me away from following choral music. As a Christian, I love gospel music. I love songs that have an appeal to my soul and as such the traditional hymns, whether rendered non-instrumental (acapella) or with instruments, make my day. I am also a fan of classical music.

DJ LEXY J: How has music influenced your life over the years?

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DR MODIITSANE: As I indicated, I like traditional Christian hymns. Every time when I listen to these or I sing them alone, I never fail to admire the inspiration the composers have for their songs. Music has taught me not to drown in my sorrow but to always look at the bright side of life.

DJ LEXY J: Does the music you listen to now differ from what you listened to growing up?

DR MODIITSANE:  Not really, I have always looked for inspiration in music and I listen to music that has inspirational content.

DJ LEXY J: Can you think of any particular music/song that you associate a memory, mood, or place with?

DR MODIITSANE:  There is one particular song that I associate a memory with. I would not like to get into it because it is too emotional.

DJ LEXY J: What is your all-time favourite song(s)?

DR MODIITSANE: Ke se ke utluile Jesu a Mpitsa – by Mara Low and African Methodist Choir; I am not Alone – Benjamin Dube

DJ LEXY J: Who is your all-time favourite artist, and why?


DR MODIITSANE: This is a difficult one. I have come to realise over the years that I admire groups as opposed solo artists, therefore, I am more in tune with choirs .My all-time favourite is the old Joyous Celebration. 

DJ LEXY J: What’s on your playlist and how do you choose the music that goes onto it?


DR MODIITSANE: My selection depends on the activity of the day; it changes from time to time. Today I have loaded the following; Never Surrender - Vicky Vilakazi; Noyana- Joyous Celebration; Noyana-Maralow and African Methodist Choir; Oh how I love Him– Benjamin Dube; and Pavane for a Dead Princess – London Symphony.

DJ LEXY J: So long, have yourself a super duper day!


DR MODIITSANE: Thank you. Have a splendid one yourself.