Mpho Sebina: Unstoppable! 

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 December 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Mpho Sebina: Unstoppable! 

She is currently one of the hottest female musicians in the country. The sassy songstress’s humble and well-reserved persona makes her very much likable with her followers. Mpho Sebina recently launched her album titled Neo. She is positive that the album will do well, having been inspired by her life journey so far – the hurdles that she has had to jump over in order to get the music out. These include the negative energy that she encountered. At one point she was deeply depressed but drew strength from that to push hard even more. The 28-year-old was born in Botswana to an accountant mother and a father who is a lawyer with the Botswana Defence Force (BDF). She had a normal Setswana upbringing. At Rainbow School she never did music; nobody knew that she could sing. She did her tertiary education in Malaysia and it was there that she got exposed to diverse cultures and people, and started getting her studio training and writing her music. When she moved back to Botswana after completing her studies she worked, but never really enjoyed her job. She worked for one and half years at an advertising agency – being the longest that she worked. “All that time I was recording and had been working with a producer and realised that what we did was not where I wanted to go and I went to a different recording label and everything I did resonated with them,” she said. This is what led her into doing her music full time. For two years now she has dedicated all her time to her music to perfect her craft. 

Lost recordings 

She is grateful that when she chose to make that decision to focus solely on music her family supported her vision. Despite the hard work and the effort that she had put in, at one point she received bad news that her recordings had disappeared. She sat down, bawled and wondered what exactly will come out of her life and if indeed she was doing something that was worth it. “I then went on a holiday with my friends because I wanted to introspect and see if indeed I should continue doing what I did,” she said. She came back and then started recording again, and made sure that she looked for a great team that will push her vision and her music. In settling for a person from South Africa, she singles that out as one of the best decisions that she made with her career. “Even before we put the project out the response has been overwhelming, people have been very open and wanting to hear a lot from me and it has been quite a beautiful experience,” she said.

Taking her music to the world 

Sebina wants to travel the world with her music. She would love to take part in some of the biggest music festivals around the world like the Coachella, Cape Town Jazz festival and many others. Sebina has launched The Naked Soul Sessions which she conceptualised in 2016. Through this platform she brings all different artists together to have conversations, to learn and inspire from each other. Other than all the craziness that happens in her life Sebina loves to travelling, cooking and fashion. She is now eating healthy and drinking more water. “I have started treating myself like my own child; so as such it is very important to love one self,” she said. Sebina used to be terrified with singing in front of people but is now getting more comfortable and she enjoys sharing. In terms of who she would want to collaborate with in music, Sebina’s wish list includes Bob Marley, and Nas. She would love to just dance on the background for Charma Gal and La Timmy and can’t wait to perform her collaboration act with ATI on stage. Sebina wants to collaborate with many other local African artists to take her music to the rest of the continent and the world.