BK Proctor: A growing brand

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 30 January 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
BK Proctor: A growing brand

The BK Proctor brand is growing in leaps and bounds. That growth is not marked only by his high quality music but also through his shoe collection line dubbed ‘Collections by BK Proctor’. The shoe brand was established in 2015 to bring to life master piece designs of high-quality to locals who want to enjoy class, consistency and freedom of expression. “Collections by BK Proctor invite the public to experience these qualities and to be part of the family that prides itself with entitling shoe lovers with the ability to express themselves,” declares the man behind the brand. He describes himself as a producer, a product person, a creative, a designer, a business and an inventor. BK Proctor is oozes energy. He is highly ambitious and that has made him to develop a mature and responsible approach to any task that he undertakes. He is serious-minded, responsible, versatile performer, with a very sound outlook on everything in life. He sees no limits about what he can do. He is the current ambassador for Samsung Rail Park. He perennially seeks to improve in all ways. He has won numerous awards as Botswana’s most versatile producer. On stage his performances are normally in two parts being the live band with theatre group and backtrack mostly suitable for corporate events and public events.

The shoes
On what led him into taking his brand to another level, BK Proctor revealed his longtime love for sneakers, footwear or trainers. As a creative he refuses to be restricted to only participating in one avenue and so when something is in his heart he goes for it. He recognised that shoes are a major component of fashion and the fact that no dress is complete without shoes. “Everyone regardless of their class wears shoes. They are a major fashion component and no dressing is complete without shoes,” he said. His love for sneakers has grown over the years and being in the music industry also contributed a lot to the obsession because as an entertainer he always has to look good on and off the stage. He didn’t go for cheap products – travelling far if he had to; to get his high quality brands. It was in the process that he identified a reliable source of quality brands in Asia and hence chose to develop his own shoe brand there. This is because he wanted to cater for a wider market rather than Botswana alone. When he produced the first collection he travelled to China six times a year to see through the whole process. He had a lot of to learning to do from sketching, drawing and having the illustration of the shoe they wanted to make. “We wanted to have a product which says or screams “Made in Italy” in terms of the quality material choice and I am glad we have achieved that,” he said. BK Proctor has faced overwhelming challenges because design is not an easy thing.

Design not for all
He realised that he could only make it if design was his passion. “Designing is less about being true and more about proving that it can be true. The design process alone took about a full year because we had a million materials to go through and this really got me out of my comfort zone,” he said. One said to him, ‘if this was so easy then everyone would do it’- referring to designing. He is happy with the way his products are being received despite being a new entrant. “The market has proven to be viable and receptive of all our products and we are happy with the reception because it gives us room to grow and to continue doing what we do,’ he said. He is looking into a lot of collaborations in the future. At the moment production of the next collection is already underway in Hong Kong, China. He will not put producing music on hold because that is his life – it has a medicinal impact on his soul. He said as a creative he refuses to be restricted to one thing. He is currently in the studio finalising his solo album titled ‘Away and Beyond’. He remains very ambitious about the growth of the brand. Those producing his brand are responsible for production of other leading brands. He said they will open stores in Botswana and will launch an online store. He said 2018 will see him launch urban, youthful, stylish, vibrant and fashionable sneakers that can be worn with anything. “Many people will find our design more appealing and of course with an outstanding value proposition,” he said.