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Why do we do business in a suit?

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 30 January 2018   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu
Why do we do business in a suit?

When we think of a 'professional' – the first thing we think of is someone in a well-tailored suit with a high-income job. Almost everyone who has a formal office job or has been interviewed for one is aware that the basic corporate wear is a suit, but very few actually understand why we do business in a suit. The history of the tailored suit dates as far back as the 1800s. Throughout the centuries different forms, styles and uses of the suit has changed, but one thing you find common is that the suit was usually used by the upper-class society.  The tuxedo for example was actually used for the least formal occasions, yet the tuxedo of today is worn for the most prestigious events. By the mid-19th century the suit eventually became casual wear for the elite and a dress up item for the working class. With the help of Hollywood films, the image of the suit became glamourised and standardised with tertiary skilled jobs as the suit was worn by wealthy and well-groomed characters. Big Brands and companies need to look its utmost best including its staff as the first impression is the best impression. They need to instil an image of success for their clientele otherwise it can cause major losses for the company. For people that don't work in the corporate sector, they may find the suit quite rigid, dull and boring. For a music festival or football game it is inappropriate, but the suit goes beyond you. It serves for a higher purpose and a better position, where clients want to be. Rich, intelligent, business savvy and successful is what a suit says today in 2018. All the traits a company wants to portray to gain trust of potential clients. A company needs to look like they know what they are doing, that they do it well, and that they do it better than everyone else.

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