The Runway Show

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 February 2018   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu
The Runway Show

One of the best ways to showcase new products and creations as a fashion designer is a runway show. It is a strategic method for designers and creators to display what they can offer to the public. Fashion shows and events invite potential clients and also keep relevant the designer in today's market. Through time fashion shows have developed into something different to keep parallel to the latest trends and marketing manners. The runway show today is different from the runway show of the 1970s. So where did it begin? There is no single person that started this trend. Instead it was an evolution that resulted in formal presentations of the couture houses' clothing line. During the 19th century it was popular for Parisian dressmakers to make people wear the dresses in public in a form of advertising. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Paris and London custom dressmaking houses dressed famous actresses on and off stage in promotion for the couture houses as they were involved with the theatre business. To see the latest fashion, people had to go to the theatre and this led to the creation of the fashion play.
By the middle of the 1900's important designers were using the runway show to demonstrate their lines. Fixed dates were implemented for two major shows each year as to show to foreign buyers what designers had to offer. These popular fashion shows also inspired the first modeling agency in New York in 1923 thus professionalising the industry. It was only in the 1970's and 80's that the fashion show became a big event. In Botswana fashion shows and modeling agencies are not yet truly established as the fashion industry is still considered small but growing. It will take motivated artists and persistence to grow a fashion culture throughout the country.

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