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Butterfly – class, elegance!

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 February 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Butterfly – class, elegance!

A former banker beautiful Chawa July chose to follow her passion of fashion design. But first she knew she had to scan her new terrain very well. A market survey was a key precursor in her decision. As a self-taught designer, she had bought herself a sewing machine while she was still working. At first it was just for altering her outfits. But soon she was hooked on the machine. “I started making outfits for my cousin and through her I then had many people wanting me to design for them,” she said. With the orders flooding in while still having his day job, it became a tiring hassle to design outfits after getting home in the evening. She started considering leaving her day job. Meanwhile she was forced to work four hours into the night from work and when money started coming in she realised how lucrative the business could be. She allowed herself to blossom – becoming part of the fairy tale of a content woman who seems transformed by a piece of cloth around her.
“That is exactly how ‘Butterfly’ was born. I used a butterfly as the name for my brand because of its beauty and how it blooms and changes, and that is exactly what I aim for whenever I design a piece of clothing for my clients,” she said. Style, class and elegance are what she goes for in her designs, and that has seen her designing many office and events outfits for corporates either in the banking sector and many others. To her surprise most of her clients are corporate women from Orapa who place orders from there. “It is very amusing that I have never met some of my clients – all that they do is take their measurements and send them to me to design and then courier their outfits to them. They trust that I do a stellar job from what they have seen,” she said.
Her new love and passion has been thriving in ways she never imagined and that is because she never lets her clients walk out if the outfit does not leave her as the designer with chills. She is now designing wedding gowns after her clients begged her to make them. At the moment they are doing men accessories and have recently designed male shirts for a local political party and soon they will make a complete package for men. The remarkable July will be taking part at the Grand Palm Inaugural ‘I do’ Wedding Expo that will be taking place on February 10. July is excited to be able to share that platform with incredible designers. “I am very excited about my brand and its growth, and definitely there is nothing more attractive than transforming someone’s looks and confidence just by a beautiful outfit,” she said.