Thea Khama’s dress sense

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 March 2018   |   By Rorisang Ndlovu
Thea Khama’s dress sense

The world of fashion is a vast industry of creativity, self-expression and glamour, but the art of fashion would be meaningless without the women that love it. It is vital to observe and research what women of influence think about fashion and how they incorporate it into their lives. Powerful woman in the public eye like Thea Khama exude success and that reflects through the way they dress just as much in the way they speak and execute their duties. How they are and present themselves can inspire a lot of young woman throughout the nation and their closest play a major role in their image. Thea Khama is the director of InnerCore Energetics Corporation: a coaching facility. Innercore coaching is about empowering a person to embrace the moment, evoke their inner power, using a methodology of Consciousness Coaching which facilitates one to evolve their consciousness. She runs a youth empowerment programme called Teen Spirit – Uncover the Genius Within™, by using self-discovery and a peer mentorship models she created to train young people and their mentors in facilitation, transformation and implementation. She also does conservation work as she is involved in the Global March for elephants, rhinos, lions and pangolins. Thea now sits on the board of Children in the Wilderness, is the founder and Patron of Pelotshweu Foundation. Thea Khama is a woman of grace, wisdom and elegance. She is active with her influence through her company and various projects and charities.  A woman on the move like Thea has to always make sure she is dressed the part and also leave her own authentic essence in whatever she does, where ever she is, in what she wears:

How would you describe your style in three words?
THEA: Comfortable, mature and exotic!

How important is fashion to you?
THEA: Very important! I invest my time searching and compiling photos of certain looks and styles that I love especially on Pinterest. From time to time I get a few custom pieces made for special occasions. I personally love long flowy dresses and different styles of sleeves.
How should a woman of power, like you, dress like?
THEA: I think women need to show personality in what they wear and not be afraid of taking fashion risks. Women need to add their own touch to everything. It's the accents of the outfit that matter.
What is your staple clothing?
THEA: Black pants.

Do you think what you wear has an impact in your work and current projects?
THEA: Yes, definitely. As a coach and a mentor, it is important to look appropriate and approachable. I always need to know what type of event it is so I can prepare what I wear. For traditional events I love wearing something with a modern flare, but respecting protocol. As a wife of a politician it is imperative that I follow protocol.
What measures do you think the fashion industry in Botswana needs to take to be at the same level as successful international designers?
THEA: Designers in Botswana need to invest more in street style and pay attention to what people like to wear and what is comfortable for them even in offices. There are a lot of people working in offices and classrooms. There is a great opportunity in corporate wear.  Designers shouldn't neglect the youth, there aren't a lot of things available for them.           
What do you like about the fashion in Botswana?
THEA: I love that it fits my body type and here women aren't afraid to show curves and embrace their bodies. I love the confidence and comfort.

Which designers would you love to wear and why?
THEA: Elie Saab, Marchesa and Oscar de la Renta.  I love the feminine flair and their details on the garment. Their designs are close to what I love wearing and what flatters me.
Who is your fashion idol?
THEA: My daughter, Tahlia. She always finds a way to make something look even better. Her style is effortless and bohemian and she usually helps me with my styling. Her looks always appear fresh with an exotic essence to it.
What is the best advice you can share with other females of power?
THEA: Bring out the inner goddess.