Rexx: Emerging visual artist

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 06 March 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Rexx: Emerging visual artist

His name is Morekolodi Mautle, but is popularly known as Rexx. The 22-year-old has shown immense talent in his drawings, garnering massive following on social media from people that love his work. He refers to himself as a freelance visual artist, with work spanning from cover drawings, paintings, digital art, designing and some mural art. He is enjoying his craft. He expresses a difference in the art development, both locally and internationally with a variety of artistic ideas, creatives, and relevant content. “Despite that this is very precious to me and I know that most Batswana buyers prefer traditional themed artworks, and even though in the meant time it is not something that someone can completely live off from because the support is not solid and strong, I am hopeful that it will get there,” he said. He also has a passion for music. He does instrumentals and music beats, and to him that is no different from when he is drawing or painting because all those needs him to apply his creative skills.
Rexx has never been to tertiary to study fine arts or something close to that, but he is self-taught. He is helped by the fact that he did art at high school. “Having access to information like TV, books and internet has made it easier for me to learn more about my craft but anything beyond that is just pure passion. I aim to make myself better every day,” he said. He usually exhibits at Chillstep Sundays, and is preparing for an exhibition at Thapong Visual Arts Centre. He is not fazed by the attention that he gets for his artworks because he is not yet where he wants to be. He wants to go to an art school at some point to understand things on a professional side and to perfect his craft to the finest point. He aims to be counted as one of the greatest artists not only in Botswana but around the world.

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