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Limkokwing Fun Day

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 May 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Limkokwing University Botswana Campus Limkokwing University Botswana Campus

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Target 20 000 students’ successfully hosted the university fun day on May 2.

One of the Target 20 000 scholarship recipient, who was also the organiser of the Limkokwing Fun Day, Katlego Segobye said they managed to successfully host the event.


They were assigned to organise the event and are happy with their achievement.   

 “As the target 20 000 students, we wanted to tell and show the public that we are capable  and well equipped for the events market and we are happy those who came could see that and even our results speak for us,” she said.


She said after being allowed the opportunity to get into the university, they had to work hard to prove that the government and the universities that admitted them did good by taking them off the streets and giving them the opportunity to study. “That goes on to show that we are all proficient if given a chance, especially in doing the things that we are expressive in and that we enjoy doing, which are hands on,” she said.

Some other activities of the day included mob dance, FIFA challenge, karaoke singing battle, dance clashes, basketball penalty, board games, limbo and many other games. She said she is proud that they proved that the tax payers’ money had not gone to waste by educating them.    

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