Morati Kgari’s orphan nest

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 19 June 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kgari Kgari

She is an actress, a performer, a voice artist and a suave performer.

For this Morati Kgari credits the people that held her hand and inspired her to do what she does


She has a talk show dubbed ‘Orphan Nest with Morati Kgari’. She hails former president Dr Ian Khama for inspiring her through the donations he made to the needy all over the country.  Her talk show aims to break the silence and raise awareness on the society because there is so much abuse happening to the orphans.

“We want people to see orphans as children in need not as people that can be exploited because it is these many inhuman things that are done to orphans that continue to make their lives even more difficult,” she said.


She said they have realised that abuse against orphans is highly unreported and sensitive because it touches on relations between adults and children.

She said many orphanages are faced with challenges of taking care of the children and that is why they end up developing coping mechanisms and manifesting the impact of abuse and trauma in different ways on them.


“Although orphanages can provide a secure and positive alternative to abuse and unsafe family or community environments they cannot provide individualised and family nurturing,” she said.

Kgari said they want to establish a well-equipped education centre with the relevant technology to promote a competitive edge in a fast-paced globalised world for the less privileged and orphans, provide material and financial support and reduce cases of abuse by 40%.


She implored fellow Batswana to reach Orphan Nest and choose the sponsor a child initiative to help improve lives of orphans.    

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