Your one stop beauty place-Creative Nails and Beauty Salon

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Your one stop beauty place-Creative Nails and Beauty Salon

It is every woman’s dream to look flawless and ravishing at all times, but all these things comes at a cost. For those that can afford these services like manicures, pedicures, massages and body treatments every time, there is nothing more convenient than going to a beauty parlour to find that all the services that you need are offered in one place well.
A place like Creative Nails and Beauty Salon, is quite very convenient since not only is it not crowded the way some salons are, but also offers a peace of mind. The parlour houses a hair salon, where they do all kinds of hairstyles, with comfortable couches that will make your long stay there not stressful. The owner of the parlour, Kiki Chitita said that their aim at first was to provide a solution to all the beauty problems that their clients come with, because she also realised how tiresome it was to have different bookings at different places to go and do different beauty appointments. She said that they also made sure that they have at least one special feature that always makes them different from other salons on each and every service that they offer. Chitita said what makes their hair salon unique is the use of the Brazilian straightening treatments as compared to the usual hair relaxers which have very harsh chemicals.
“The oil is not as harsh to hair like a relaxer, and it helps keep hair straight but at the same time not making the hair to lose its natural texture,” she said.
As for facials, Chitita said they have a wide range of them for all types of skins and for all age groups, even for young people who develop pimples during their puberty stage. She revealed they can address any skin condition and make sure that it is treated, because before they help their clients they take them through self-mapping where they assess their skin problem and how they can be helped. She said they have the best treatments that delay the aging process of the skin and can aid many problems that their clients might come with. Chitita said they use dermatologica products for the face. This is a wide brand of very great products for the skin.
She said with regard to nails, they can do anything you want to look good. Chitita said for those who want to maintain their natural nails, they help them to them to look good and strong. Apart from the normal gel that is considered to be the classy nail treatment since it does not chip off, Chitita said they have the Shellac, which unlike gel does not require the filing of the natural nails, hence protecting someone’s nails from thinning.
Creative Beauty Salon also does pedicure; they have the stand out paraffin pedicure where you dip your feet in paraffin based wax to soften the feet and deal with cracks. For this, the salon uses massage pedicure chairs which massage your back while at the same time you are being pampered with a soothing and nourishing pedicure. Various forms of hair removals are also offered ranging from Brazilian waxes, and all kinds of massages.
She revealed that this year they will be introducing slimming using peradic pads, where the client just lies down and the machine works on them to deal with their fat problem.
“The process is also good for cellulite removal and toning, and it is very good for those that can’t go to the gym for various reasons,” she said. The beauty parlour is by Partial Middlestar, along Nyerere Drive.   

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