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Sereetsi’s living room concert

SHARE   |   Friday, 10 August 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Sereetsi's living room concert Sereetsi's living room concert

Sereetsi and the Natives have embarked on a tour dubbed ‘the Living Room Tour’ under which they will be performing in select ordinary locals’ living rooms.

This new way of taking music to the people is meant to enhance appreciation of live music and interaction with performers. 


Even though the group released their first album – Four String Confessions – three years ago, Batswana have fallen in love with their music. Their second album ‘Motoko’ was released recently.

Laone van Vuuren - a designer and maker of Kinte accessories – was due to host the first event yesterday (August 4).


He is very excited that he will have the opportunity to host such incredible talent in the comfort of his home where invited guests can come and enjoy with the team.

Van Vuuren revealed that the show will be a donation-based concert where and urged those that will be coming to the show to come prepared to buy the CDs and merchandise at the end of the show.


He said this will be a very relaxed evening with revellers encouraged to bring camp chairs and preferable drinks to make the event even more enjoyable.

Vuuren said there is no doubt that the show will be unbelievable because Sereetsi and the Natives have revolutionised the four strings guitar music that characterised Setswana music for years  through unique blend of traditional rhythms with modern harmonies.


“The band has owned the hearts of Batswana and went on to win many more across the world through their countless international performances and who wouldn’t want to have them in their living room. That is beyond an honour,” he said.

Vuuren emphasised that Sereetsi fell in love with the performance setting that is intimate when he went around the world and were often invited to hotel rooms to perform on a variety of private sessions which attracted a more intimate crowd.


Since it will be at his own house, Vuuren made sure that he spices the event up with his own rules, urging guests to come dressed in traditional or culturally inspired clothing. “It is entirely up to the guests that will come to choose the culture that they want to represent, but they should come dressed up in the spirit of the traditionally inspired music and since it will be people coming from across board I want it to look like United Nations fest,” he said. 

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