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Showers, toilets at camp sites

SHARE   |   Thursday, 16 August 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Camp site toilet Camp site toilet

Camping used to be quite a challenge for many especially Batswana who don’t want to but the lack of comfort of staying in a tent, not having a proper place to bath and a proper toilet. This is increasingly becoming a thing of the past as more comfort is being created for them.

Now mobile showers and toilets are being taken to these camping sites to make camping easier for many.


One of those that offer this service is Thuli Thwabi. The idea of going into this business came after attending an event in Botswana where the mobile showers had been hired from South Africa.

Thwabi was taken – he realised a gap in the market and worked hard to research and ultimately launch his brand of showers and toilets. “I started doing so much research, and we enquired on what it will take to have something like that at home,” he said.


With his other partner being a design professional they decided to design their own showers and toilets, going all out to source their raw materials. He quit his job at a waste management company.  “We we had a vision, envisioned it, but we couldn’t find the right person to work with, but we eventually managed then we sourced materials and the trailer was born. The system has two operational parts being solar and normal household electricity to generate power for the pumps in the shower and there is also gas that supplies the geyser for the water to be hot instantly with temps from 38 to 40 or even 50 degrees which makes it enjoyable,” he highlighted.

He said even though it was not easy they ended up with a successful project with the showers able to produce hot water.


“This is our journey and we are continuing to do more of these, and we are able to supply Batswana for different events that they have. People now use them not only for camping but when they even have many guests at their homes or hosting events either weddings, parties or even funerals,” he said.


Thwabi said the results have been amazing and their aim is to at one point have a fully-fledged production company that will design all these mobile toilets and showers for lease even to homes. He does the business with his wife and he is sure that there is still more that they can achieve especially that many Batswana are becoming more exploratory and their aim is to continue to make sure that their stay in places that used to be uncomfortable because of hygiene becomes comfortable.

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