Kabelo Thedi: A Story of Perseverance

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 29 August 2018   |   By Ricardo Kanono

Kabelo Thedi grew up in humble beginnings in the village of Serowe. The last born of 9 siblings, Kabelo’s childhood was filled with a passion and innate love for fixing things but more importantly, for serving those around him all with the intention of making people happy.

From a young boy who took pride in digging pit latrines in his family’s backyard in an effort to make their living circumstances more pleasant, Kabelo never would’ve guessed that his love for improving the conditions of others through “fixing” would ever lead him to running a small business specializing in satellite installations.


For over 10 years, Kabelo has worked as an installer for MultiChoice Botswana. His days of installation began years before it became his profession and has grown to create opportunities for two other individuals who he has employed. Through his tireless efforts, Kabelo is able to bring the latest exclusive sporting events, blockbuster movies, loved soapies, documentaries and music shows to homes across Gaborone and surrounding areas.

“I’ve always known that in order to survive, I would have to earn my own living. At 13-15, I stayed alone, but I always made use of my natural skills of fixing and building in order to support myself and survive.” Kabelo commented.


After finishing high school at Swaneng Hill School, also located in Serowe, Thedi pursued a qualification in Theology, as he always felt he had a calling to be a pastor.

“20 years ago, after taking a break from my work as a pastor, my love for being hands-on and fixing things, resurfaced. This coincided with my desire to access aerial TV services in an area where it was difficult to receive reception. I took it upon myself to learn how to do aerial installations and once I had successfully managed, my neighbours began calling on me to do the same for them,” Thedi commented.


After happily assisting many of the people in his community with installations, Thedi moved to Gaborone and decided to approach MultiChoice Botswana for an opportunity to work as an accredited installer.

“I knew I had what it takes; through trial and error I was able to develop myself into a self-taught installer and I had my hopes set on working with the biggest brand in the country,” Thedi adds.


After learning of the requirements necessary to receive accreditation with MultiChoice Botswana, Thedi worked tirelessly to acquire all the tools necessary for qualifying for the role. The hardworking ambitious father of four successfully managed to receive accreditation in 2007, determined to provide for his family in the best way possible.

This accreditation process and Kabelo’s ardent embracing of it, reflects the pride harboured by MultiChoice installers. These skilled professionals relish the fact that – unlike so-called street installers – they are highly trained in their field; follow prescribed guidelines for quality installations; conduct themselves professionally at all times; and are knowledgeable not only in how to correctly facilitate dish installations and decoder activations, but also in the full range of new DStv products, like DStv Now and Box Office.


It’s been over 10 years of Thedi practicing as an installer and to date, he attributes his success and survival to the opportunities afforded to him by MultiChoice. “Without MultiChoice Botswana, I do not know where I would be. My work as an installer allows me to pay my rent, to support all four of my children, and pay my bills. What gives me even more satisfaction is being able to empower two other individuals who are now able to take care of themselves, all through our work with MultiChoice.”

MultiChoice partners with 2,500 across Africa in facilitating the installation of its dishes and soon, the activating of decoders and processing of customer payments. These businesses contribute heavily towards sustaining local communities, providing much-needed employment opportunities, skills development and incomes for families where often, they previously had none.


Kabelo will be one of 90 installers who will undergo installer training when MultiChoice Botswana rolls out its Installer Eco-System program in October 2018.


Kabelo has had the benefit of having his natural talent and his love for helping his fellow citizen positively shape his and his family’s future. From a young boy who used to mould cement into bricks at 13 years of age as a way of making a living, to operating a successful installation business, Kabelo is a prime example of how determination and perseverance breeds success.

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