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BK Proctor's Fashion line

SHARE   |   Friday, 31 August 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Bk Proctor Bk Proctor

He is one of the most talented lyricists in the country, and Bokang ‘BK’ Proctor has also been working so hard on putting his love for fashion out there by coming up with a clothing line. He has been working on the project for a while, where he had products that he was already selling under his range Collections by BK Proctor. He has finally been able to release the incredible full line which comprises of shoes, pants, and tops including jackets and caps which were launched in Phakalane. BK Proctor revealed that his project started as a platform for bringing together creative minds and striving to reach the full potential to improve themselves, their draft and the environment.

He is one person who solely believes that fashion is central to arts, sports and music and that it plays a very incredible role in the lives of those that take part in such. In some of  the lyrics that he shared at the launch, he said that is their fight to express vision and mission, “We create out of nothing, invent out of inspiration,
produce out of expression, and live for creation. We are trend-setters, we are masters of our trade and we are curators cultivating creative lifestyles” he said.  He emphasised that he is one that can never imagine a world without creativity, because without creativity he will not be what he is today.


He recognised that it is through his creativity that he is able to support himself and his family and it is also through it that he is able to create opportunities for the youth who shares the same passions with him. With a brand that is specialising in footwear, apparels and accessories, he mentioned that the philosophy is ‘Express Yourself’ which is an idea with a purpose and one that has grown into a movement amplifying individuality and authenticity. “This remains the driving force behind our high quality and modern designs and integrating  thoughts from brilliant minds and curating them together to showcase a single common vision has easily been our biggest success thus far” he said.


According to BK Proctor it is live, passion, music and creativity that brings all of them together  and as such they stand committed to serving their customers and the diverse lifestyles they live. With his brand BK Proctor believes that he is ready to the bring the world a new approach to fashion which will drive positive change one design at a time as they become students of their deliverables, slaves to their passion and masters of their trade. The launch which was very successful was attended by the who’s and who’s of Gaborone including media personalities, bloggers and even social media influencers.

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