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SHARE   |   Tuesday, 11 September 2018   |   By Gaone Amos
Musiq SoulChild Musiq SoulChild

I don’t usually comment on people’s post but I will give my honest opinion as a Motswana in USA who usually goes to concerts over here. I heard that Musiq Soulchild performed only five (5) songs, under performed, was not optimistic etc.
1) Musiq Soulchild is not very relevant here in USA ; three year ago I saw his tickets being sold in Groupon (that means the show has extremely low ticket sales ) so he should appreciate having a gig now.
2) Here in USA fans boycott you if you act like you are all that but I don’t understand why this artist go to Africa and feel like they are better than everyone. For example I watched Brandy in Botswana and in the US it was like a totally different artist; she took the USA shows more seriously, performed longer and dressed the part.
3) Since the Royal Wedding, more and more musicians and celebrities are starting to respect our country like Ciara, Maxwell etc; I am sure they will love that opportunity. 
4) As someone who lived and worked in USA for a while, we get to see that most of these artists are broke in real life so they can do with money. The moment you request to book the artist be very firm with them, make it clear what you expect from them and let them know your goals for the show and to make sure they are met, tell them to take it or leave it! I promise you they will take it; also they will know you are not playing around and they will come prepared to deliver the best.
5) USA is a capitalist country; everyone works hard and delivers their best with the knowledge that if they don’t – no pay cheque. This artist needs the money; you are the employer so you have to be firm. If you are very flexible and easy going they will take you for a ride.
Lastly there are many great artists who barely get booked because they have not released albums in years and I went to their shows although it was low attendance I could see the energy and passion.
Lauryn Hill (she was late but great performance); Maxwell (great show); Ciara (great show low attendance); Snoop Dog (less attendance but still pulled a great show); Lil Kim (great performance; she does show every week because I saw on the news she is in serious financial situations; TLC (The performance was great. They do regular small shows; I guess its similar situation with Lil Kim).
There are many more who are desperate for gigs and will love this opportunity.
Lastly I can see your passion and desire to create a world class concert. In my eyes you have done so well. Some artists here get low attendance from what I see from the GIMC event last night; the attendance was good. I wish you the best but remember “American artists need the money, you are the boss, be firm on your expectations, show them you mean business, they will take it serious as well. I am very disappointed with Musiq Soulchild. He has not had a gig here in USA for like three years and that’s all he had to offer.  

Fish Pabalinga that’s another challenge in Botswana, lack of sponsorship. However, I challenge u to come to the USA, meet the people in the industry, network with them, let them see you, let them hear what you have to say. It’s not as difficult as you think. One lesson I have learned with Americans I can share with you is that “when I was looking for a job, I applied online, didn’t get any call for interviews, sometimes I was shortlisted but communication was via email so I guess I didn’t write what they wanted to hear, but then I decided to go to the actual work place to bring my cv, talked with HR, they saw me; they liked me then things changed.  Since then I have been working by referrals. Americans are always willing to help if you ask for help, come to the US to watch music shows, come early, talk to a guy who is part of the production team, tell them who you are etc , they love that and I am sure they will connect you to the right people. Once you get connected to the right people everyone in the industry will know you and then negotiating gets easier from there because they will always ask who you worked with before. I am not saying all this based on assumptions I personally know someone in Europe who personally had to go through this journey. I wish you all best of luck. 

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