Chic and Classic

SHARE   |   Sunday, 01 February 2015   |   By Otlametse Sugar
Chic and Classic

Blazers used to be only worn as part of professional attire. They were more serious and standard; without any swankiness.
But this is rapidly changing. The revolution in fashion has seen designers coming up with daring, gorgeous and less serious blazers, catering for the young chic professionals who are crazy about style and diversity.
Nowadays the blazers are so good such that they can transform a very casual outfit and make it look stylish, and at the same time make someone look subtle and classy in an effortless manner. Women are the ones mostly rocking this trend which they can pull off with anything, whether they want to be too dressy or just want to look sexy and cleaned up. Apart from being able for all seasons, it is one piece that works well with summer, spring and autumn, because there are those lighter ones that though it might be hot, you are still able to wear because they are not heavy. They are very classic and timeless, which means that you can never say that they are out of fashion or that they can't go with a certain outfit.
Fashion enthusiast, Thato Moseki said that it is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe in order to have that cultured look. She added that for those people that their works allow them to be casual, it is a very ideal item for them to have in order to still look elegant in casual, and that the edgy vibe feel can always be achieved by cuffing the sleeves or putting them up. “The boyfriend blazer is the one that I think is very cool, which is normally longer than classic blazers, though the classic ones always have a defined waist that gives ladies that super nice fit,” Moseki said. She said that black, beige, grey, and white are the staple colours that can go along with any outfit.
One of Botswana's finest fashion designers and fashion buff Edward Masukudu of ‘I koz Traffik’ fashion collections said that blazers for men in this year are all about modern prints and stylish blazers that are flexible in business and casual. He said that blazers from leather, velvet and floral styles are able to offer a perfect mix of elegance and fashion that modern gentleman requires, and that the look can be pulled off effortlessly.
"A man can add a favourite t-shirt, or a dress shirt to the mix of a stunningly attractive look," Masukudu said.
For a man who has style, it is always easy to wear their blazers with slim fit trousers which only go as far as the elbows, in order to show off the stylish shoes that someone might be wearing, and Masukudu said this style can either be worn in a casual or classic manner, maybe when going to a function or just wanting to look good.
He agreed that for women blazers are a piece that can indeed go with any outfit, from dresses to jeans, to skirts. He said that a blazer, a jean and a top, and adding heels and a clutch always makes this look to work very well for a casual meeting or a dinner date, and also very suitable for those that do not have a very strict dress code at their workplaces of being too formal.
He said because of the versatility of the blazer, it makes it a wardrobe must have item that can be worn by many to cover their body imperfections, and at the same time creating a trendy style. He said blazers are no longer for business or for a professional setup only because they can be pulled off at any event even with leggings, and are able to create top various styles depending on where someone is going. “They are able to make a vest and jean look more collected other than when you just had the jean and vest alone,” he said.

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