Skye & Iris Manor- home away from home

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Pool side at Skye & Iris Pool side at Skye & Iris PIC: Omang Kilano

Many people want to get away from the craziness of the noisy city to a place that is quite and homely to relax. There is no doubt that a hotel, despite how fancy it might be cannot offer the best privacy and some alone time than a 4 bedroom executive suite that is not even within the city, and at the same time not far away. Skye & Iris Manor offers the surreal peace of mind with luxury at the same. The place is situated in Tlokweng, not in the middle of the village but rather within the suburbs of Lenganeng where is very peaceful and quite. It being outside Gaborone and even not in the centre of Tlokweng makes it quite a very tranquil place that offers exclusivity and a peaceful environment. Unlike other guest houses that always have the gates open, Skye & Iris Manor can only be accessed by someone who has booked the place, and it is just a home away from home. Just after the gate is opened for you and closed behind you, there is a garage, for those that would have brought their cars, in which you can comfortably leave it there.
The guest house has only 4 executive suites, which indeed offers indulgence at its best, and definitely a proof that the place can never be crowded. Just by the entrance there is the cosy reception with modern furniture which leads you to the rooms, and you do not have to worry about bumping on anyone since the place is always clear of people, and the doors to the bedroom are accessible without having to go through someone's passages. There is also a wide kitchen which will definitely make you feel at home, as the food is served in the open in order to give you the assurance that just as in your kitchen, the food that is being prepared for you is extremely clean. Co-Founder of the Guest house, Tebogo Motlhabane, who runs the place with his fiancé Aba Mosime said that they made the kitchen that way in order for their customers to feel at home and appreciate that a clean meal is being prepared for them.
With the staff that offers the most enjoyable and unruffled stay, Motlhabane said that it is their intention to open more guest houses of sort, with the other one already in construction just next to this one in Tlokweng, while there is the other one being built in Block 8, Gaborone. The place off course offers something for everyone, and even for the corporate worker who is on travel and just wants to have a nice stay and work in ambiance. Of course someone might wonder how possible it is for them to get there, and with the founders knowing the needs of their customers, Skye and Iris Manor offers a Chauffer service from the airport and within the city just a phone call away.
"This can also be enjoyed by a city dweller that just wants a break from everything and take a little secret escape, it just offers the little extra for every kind of traveller," Motlhabane said.
The guest house is a beautifully built Tuscan style house which boast well-manicured gardens that gives a serene ambience, and though as elite as the place is, it only costs P700 per night, including breakfast that is served personally by Chef Caroline, with the menus created from the finest ingredients combined with warm service to ensure that your stay is memorable. The pool also offers privacy, since it is situated in a way that people in other rooms won't see you, and in each and every room there are sliding doors at the back that overlooks the gardens, which then gives you a fantastic refreshed atmosphere. The guest house boast of extravagant furniture that offers comfort, and also jacuzzis in each room, with flat screen TVs subscribed to the DSTV channels. Motlhabane said that the place can also be booked for any intimate functions if there are not any guests, be it a birthday celebration, special family occasion, a retirement dinner or corporate event since they have the most unique and versatile private spaces inside and out.
Spending a night at Skye and Iris Manor was just like escaping from the reality of traffic and disturbing sound of living within the city, to a soulful night that makes you forget a little bit of the misery of work and many other things that trouble us on day to day basis. It is just one little satisfaction that fulfils the need of a traveller and that of a person just looking for a place that can offer peace of mind, privacy and luxury at the same time.

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