Poverty inspired me to write

SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 February 2015   |   By Ontlametse Sugar
Poverty inspired me to write

When his age mates were busy playing at the playfields, the Serowe born Meshack Koobuse focused more of his energy into reading books. He was inspired by the dire situation at home when he was growing up, where he never got the chance to see his father though he hears that he is alive, and as such had to be raised up by a struggling single mother. Though some people from poor families end up thinking that because of their backgrounds they can never become better people, it is different for this young man because as from the age of 12 when he was doing standard 7, he fell in love with writing and the need to inspire his age mates. It was in Swaneng High School that his writing and the necessity to motivate his age mates flourished, and teachers did take notice of that and encouraged him to work hard, and gave him the platform to be the best after realising that he was capable.
“Because of how I saw my mum struggle when I was growing up, I wanted to change her life and make her a better person, and because most young people end up being shaped up by their backgrounds, I wanted them to realise that it is not supposed to be the case,” he said.  Koobuse had been doing motivational talks since he was in high school, and right now he is usually called by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture in order to come and motivate other youths both young and old. He said that he doesn’t want people to forget themselves especially young people who comes from poor families, because he firmly believes that what your parents has shouldn’t define who you become, more so that there is access to education for every Motswana.
Koobuse has written a book called Mountain of Prosperity, which was launched at the end of 2014.  He said if it wasn’t for the lack of funds his book would be sold in Europe. “Publishers there have seen my work and they got interest in publishing my books, but there is a certain fee that I have to pay and that has been a problem, but if it wasn’t for that my book will be selling oversees because publishers do have interest in them,” he said.
He said that he had realised that young people need principles, and as such having outlined about 32 principles in the book that he deems imperative in everyone’s life like love and integrity among others. He said that he touched love because the person that you are in a relationship with can either destroy you or make you a better person. Koobuse said through his messages he also want young people to get away from the dependency syndrome from the government, but rather focus on ways they can make money for themselves because it can be very possible. “Some people are educated but financially illiterate, and whatever money that they get doesn’t benefit them anyhow, while others end up resorting to relying on other people to take care of them, and end up subjecting themselves to abuse,” he said.
He said that he also got Setswana books that he has written, and always makes sure that his work touches a young school going kid to the employed and unemployed people.

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