Wild brush!

SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 February 2015   |   By Ditiro Motlhabane
One of Ngoni's paintings One of Ngoni's paintings

…the Maun visual experience

Award winning painter Wilson Ngoni, with several Thapong Artist of the year awards in the bag, will take Maun by storm next week with an exhibition to showcase his experiences in the tourist town.  The exhibition, themed Wild Brush runs from 25 Feruary-15 March 2015at Nhabe Museum, Maun.
Ngoni is on cloud nine about the upcoming exhibition and excitement it has caused on social media. He told The Patriot on Sunday on Thursday that it is a show not to be missed. He said he has chosen the North west capital to explore areas outside Gaborone and spread his art throughout the country. He said he has been exhibiting quite a lot in Gaborone and would like to spread his reach. He  has held similar exhibitions at Thapong, National Museum, The Frame Gallery and other places in the city. “My brush has been constrained in Gaborone, now has it has gone wild reaching Maun. My first solo exhibition was at Kgosi Sechele museum in Molepolole in 2002. People love my paintings. They come in large numbers to my exhibitions, which is more important to me. Although some people cannot afford to buy the paintings I am equally happy about the appreciation and support they give me,” said Ngoni. 
Ngoni said his work and name have gone viral on social media after he announced the upcoming Maun exhibition. He said he used to think that only Batswana are interested in his work but he has been getting a lot of requests, inboxes and invitations from all over the world. “Some are already placing orders for my art,” he said. 
But Ngoni refuses to take the credit alone. He said the excitement around his paintings stands to benefit all artists in Botswana. “I have noticed over the years that when I start the year on such a good note other artists are also inspired to work harder and do more. Yes, it looks like it is going to be a good year for fine art,” he said.
Ngoni’s oil on canvas paintings will also be on sale ranging from P1000 to P40 000a piece. On Thursday afternoon Ngoni said he was still working on some more paintings and was hoping to exhibit up to 30 paintings all of them produced in 2015.
The Coordinator of Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Reginald Bakwena, has also showered Ngoni with praise. He said Ngoni is an artist whose subject matter is inspired by different aspects of life. Bakwena said: His work covers many realms such as social issues, chronology of events, culture, wildlife as well as the environment. In this particular exhibition he chose to focus on one theme: art pieces that are inspired by the environment.Wilson’s work bear the hallmarks of artists who derive inspiration from his surrounding: he is inspired by everyday life, values or beliefs and culture of people around him. His artwork encompasses meanings, and expression, with emphasis on the details o the faces of people. This prompts viewers and creates intimate engagement with artworks.  The work is made to appear magical and captivating.
The idea behind Wild Brush is interesting and ground breaking as he is depicting life as he sees it in Maun. When looking at his paintings, they show beauty and raw emotions. He is simply combining his genius as well as ideas to give viewers the form, status and taste of Maun. He has produced works with specific meaning fixed on a certain time and location. When looking at his paintings we easily associate them with Maun because of the understanding of our artistic environment. There is harmony, smoothness and romanticism in his work. He uses elements such as colour, shape, line, tone, form and texture to give a meaning to his paintings. His composition, the use of material, techniques and style is a marked departure from his usual Meleko style of paintings, said Bakwena.

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