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Madi Majwana documentary launch

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 12 December 2018   |   By Tefo O. Paya
Madi Majwana cast Madi Majwana cast

This year we took on the challenge of adding another dimension to the already impressive mix of multiple mediums we use within Madi Majwana. We tell stories about people’s financial problems through Theatre, Radio and various dialogue forums such as debates and workshops during festivals. But now we have added the medium of documentary. Throughout 2018 we intentionally took with us a camera. With this camera we tried to capture every moment of Madi Majwana Season 4. We captured behind the scenes production moments, moments of engaging the public on tour, interviews and a lot of people’s stories. We were able to gather a lot of video and audio footage. This is what we used to produce a first part 15min documentary.

The documentary that was launched on Thursday was centred around the story of Kabelo Tshepiso Mojuta – an actor who has been a part of Madi Majwana since it began in 2013. We get to hear his personal relationship with Madi Majwana and more specifically what he experienced this year. Within the documentary we also share moments from other people’s stories or responses to Madi Majwana during 2018. However, we have gathered so much in the journey that is Madi Majwana, we will also work towards producing more parts to the Madi Majwana journey which is done in partnership between Maitisong and Barclays Bank. The aim of documenting Madi Majwana and what we do serves two main purposes. One is to give people an insight into what actually goes on during production and sharing of Madi Majwana through different platforms, through this medium we are also expanding the reach of Madi Majwana into new and exciting markets. Secondly, we intend to use the documentary in its various parts as an intervention, where we have dialogue sessions centred around the Documentary. The journey towards Financial Literacy for all continues and the Madi Majwana team along with its partner Barclays Bank continues to pioneer new and innovative ways to help Batswana."    

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