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Botswana film impresses at International Film Challenge

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 02 January 2019   |   By Lame Modise
A scene from the short film A scene from the short film

A frantic 48 hours of the production of an 8-minute short film from local producers, Image Africa, has put the local arts industry on the global spotlight after getting four accolades.

The six-man team recently participated in the Durban edition of the 48-hour Film Challenge, through their production titled ‘5’ after trying for the first time. Armed with only two characters, a prop, which is a pin, and the tag line “Please don’t make me do this!” the team broke all boundaries and came up with the story that wowed the judges.


Koone Boikaego, a fourth year film student at AFDA, explained that though difficult, the challenge propelled them to put their creative minds together and work in unison.

Boikaego said the team was expected to come up with a storyline, in a space of just two days, using the two characters, a student and a professor, the prop and the tagline to formulate a convincing story based on the theme ‘School Drama’.


“Our storyline had to be centralised around a school environment and primarily focus on the interactions of the two characters, their journeys in life and how they intertwined and ultimately affect the courses of their lives,” he explained.

Seemingly proud of the recognition of their talent across the borders of Botswana, Boikaego said the team got two nominations one for Best Use of Prop and another for Best Use of Tagline on top of getting the appreciation of being the Best New Comers to the challenge.


They were also the runner-ups in the award for the Audience award, something he figured, was testament that Batswana can produce stories that are captivating and can be enjoyed by the international audience.

Boikaego said the challenge provided a networking opportunity for future collaborations with international film makers. “Those guys have the best equipment and we managed to compete with them. Our greatest collaboration dream would be to work with them on films that have characters moving across borders between Botswana and South Africa,” he said.


Image Africa Director/Actor Terry Motseokae was equally proud of the team’s prowess and couldn’t hide the sparkle in his eye whilst explaining the winning storyline. He broke down the use of prop as thus; “We had leeway to use which ever pin we wanted. We used five clothes pin commonly used by tailors through one of our characters, ‘Jane’ played by Image Africa Actress, Karabo Sasebola, a student who employed the use of the different colored pins to mark the different stages in her life,” he said.

Motseokae said Jane, who was fresh from the village and coming to the city for tertiary education, used the white pin to mark her first diary entry where she wrote down her aspirations and hopes for the future. “The white pin symbolizes her purity, cleanliness and fresh perspective of life but we see her meeting the professor and her life changing,” he narrated.


Not to be a spoil sport as the team is working on a public screening of the film early next year, Jane goes through three more coloured pins, each representing a transition in her life and an entry into her diary, as she continues with her interactions with the Professor, a character brought to life by Old Naledi Arts Club Actor and Lead Actor in the film, Lebogang Vincent, until she gets to the last pin, the black one – meaning things have turned bleak.

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