Batswana mourn Dan Tshanda

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 January 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
THE LATE: Dan Tshanda THE LATE: Dan Tshanda

Hailed for turning Botswana into Splash music hub


Multitudes of mourners on Thursday filled the Botswana National Youth Centre (BNYC) hall to pay their last respects to the late Disco music icon Dan Tshanda.

Dan Tshanda, or ‘The Big Husband’ as he was popularly known to his fans, was described as a legend, icon and a hero by high profile different speakers who graced the ceremony such as Patricia Majalisa, Botsalo Ntuane and Vee Mampeezy amongst others.


Longtime friend and music partner Patricia Majalisa said Tshanda was a great mentor to her in music – he  is the one who made her what she is today in the disco music industry.

She said the passing of Tshanda comes as great loss to the Disco or Splash music sector to his supporters as well as to the Botswana Pantsula Association which Tshanda has devoted his passion to; in order to revamp the Pantsula movement in the country.


“We are seriously saddened by the passing of our brother Dan but his passing has saddened Batswana more than anyone. He devoted his music passion to Batswana where his music realised a true breakthrough and success. I would like thank Batswana for an amazing support that you gave to him in his music career since he released first Album in 1982 until he met his untimely demise. We thank you sincerely,” said the emotionally charged Majalisa. 

Majalisa promised Tshanda’s fans that she will continue where he left; adding that the death of ‘The Big Husband’ does not mean the end of the Dalom music which Dan has put so much energy, passion and commitment to.


Former MP Botsalo Ntuane described Tshanda as the ‘Pope’ of the local Mapantsula who promoted his music and groups without doubt, comparing his death as great loss suffered by the Sapurs (Mapantsula) of DRC when Papa Wemba died in April 2016.

He said the Dalom Music has been neglected in South Africa hence Tshanda found it fit to reignite and promote the genre in Botswana which has now turned into a Disco\Splash music hub.


“He made Botswana his second home where he centered all his music career for the benefit of the local disco musicians who are also making a mark in the region as well. He was indeed the Pope of our local Mapantsula, he promoted Botswana so well,” said Ntuane.

Mashumba Mashumba, Tshanda’s friend said Tshanda produced good local splash musicians and forged partnerships with the artists with the aim of exposing them to growth.


He added that he empowered many Mapantsula economically as he employed them during his music shows, hence improving their lives.

Tshanda passed on last week Saturday following a heart failure. He will be laid to rest next week in Soweto, South Africa. 

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