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Local author unveils personal development book

SHARE   |   Thursday, 07 February 2019   |   By Lame Modise
Makwana Makwana

Mompoloki Makwana’s (28) wisdom and articulate approach oozes out once he opens his mouth.

Opening up to Patriot Lifestyle about his latest offering, a self-development book titled ‘The Birth of Greatness’, Makwana – a Motivational Speaker, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) 2017 participant, Entrepreneur Radio Show Host and Publisher – said the idea to write the book came naturally to him as he had been doing motivational speaking for some time.


Speaking about the 130-page turner, Makwana said the journey to completing the book had not been an easy one as he at one point lost the script but would not let the setback derail his dream of finally having his work published.

“It (the book) was not initially named ‘The Birth of Greatness’ but rather ‘The Good Fight’,” he explained. Being a solution driven individual he pushes to be, Makwana divulged that he went on to create a publishing company after he could not find one willing to publish his book.


“The Birth of Greatness’ features 21 topics laced with his personal experiences aimed at encouraging readers to get up and do something about the situations they find themselves in,” he said.

Of the lot, Makwana’s favourite chapters are number 3 and 21 titled ‘There’s no Tomorrow’ and ‘Thinking beyond Today’ respectively.


Questioned as to whether the two chapters did not contradict themselves, Makwana said “Thinking beyond Tomorrow’ spoke to not dwelling on current things impeding one’s growth, but rather thinking of solutions to get out of the rut.

A reader, he said, might interprete the chapter ‘There’s no Tomorrow’ to mean that they should give in to their troubles. “On the contrary, it encourages the reader to do away with the habit of putting things off for another day, there is not enough time in the world for that,” he warned.


The book has to date sold over 400 copies and the numbers are expected to grow as the author looks to supply a prominent book shop located in Riverwalk. He said that through the book, he endeavors to see people become self-aware and lead the lives they were destined to live and not the one’s society dictates to them.

Through his social thought leadership, personal and entrepreneurship development coaching, Makwana – who attests to reading close to 50 books whilst awaiting his Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education (BGCSE) results – said he couldn’t wait for the ‘rise of leaders’. This, he charged, is time when personal leaders with principles should stand up to lead relationships and the country.


Chapter 1 of the book has a topic on ‘Reinvention’ and offers a powerful read on how life is constantly moving and therefore a person must always reinvent themselves to adapt to the changing landscape. Another chapter, 8, speaks to strategic positioning. It prompts the reader to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity not be ready to grasp it.

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