On the road to Old Shoshong

SHARE   |   Thursday, 14 February 2019   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Old Shoshong Old Shoshong

The last time I visited the Old Shoshong – a place believed to be full of mysteries – was 28 years whilst still a young boy. Last week Saturday made a pilgrimage to the place where my ancestors originate from.

Shoshong has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country, especially the meandering hills in the area.


Getting to the Old Shoshong was very easy; thanks to the signs erected by the Department of Museums. Though the place is not taken care of, in terms of clearing the bush especially the roads leading to the area – it is easy to see the ruins.

The Old Shoshong ruins which include the trace centre, church and the kgotla are easily accessible and can be a stopover for tourists going up north.


Whisked between hills and a stream, Old Shoshong still remains one of the few heritage sites in Botswana which if taken care of can diversity tourism sector in the country.

One of the extra ordinary artifacts is the ring bell stone which is located next to the stone ruins walls of the old Kgotla. It was used to announce a meeting, its ringing meaning that residents should congregate at the kgotla.  The rock ring like a bell is still intact and makes sounds like a metal bell. Villagers reveal that no one can dare take it away.


“Some tourists and historians tried to remove it from the area but returned it with some of them not surviving after that,” revealed an old man.


This is area used to be a regional trade hub in the 18th century which acted as a stop- over for travellers, hunters and missionaries.  

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