Suit: Snazzy wear

SHARE   |   Sunday, 15 February 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Suit: Snazzy wear

They either make men look sloppy if they are much of a bigger size and not worn too well, or they make them look dapper and sexy if it is the right size and form fitting. It is always a great idea to buy a suit and get it tailored for you in order for it to fit well, other than just getting it from the shelves and going to put it on your body, unless you are lucky to find the right size. We have also seen men around wearing suits for different occasions even if their dress code does not fit well there, leaving us wondering if they are really supposed to be there in the first place and wearing those kinds of suits, and mostly a mismatched tie can totally ruin the chances of someone looking like a gentleman in a suit. Fashion enthusiast Thato Moseki said that it is important that when men wear suits, they stick to neutral colours like grey, navy and black mostly for corporate wears and if they want to look classy.
“Since you will be now donning a neutral colour, the tie and the shirt are the ones that you can use to play with colour since there you can wear any shirt and tie colour as long as they are matched well,” she said. She advised that men should stop pairing a bottom with a different suit blazer because even if they are the same colour, they can never look similar especially to someone who understands fashion very well. She said that if a man wants a suit, they should buy a suit, which is a blazer and a trouser and stop opting to mix and match because it always ends up not looking good, except for trendy blazers. She emphasised that though many men can be the same size, their body types are not similar, emphasising the need for them to take the suits for tailoring. She also said that the important thing is for men to wear suits that are perfect for their body types, and that the right accessories are as important.
Dineo Mogwera of Urban Outfitters in Riverwalk Mall where they mostly sells menswear outfits, particularly suits, said that when their customers come to buy, they make sure that they assist them with buying the right combinations for the suit especially when it gets to a tie and shirt. She said that though suits come in different brands and different shapes, it is always advisable for a man to make sure that they invest in an elegant looking and durable suit that can last for long.
“The material of the suit is what is very important, because the way it is textured contributes to the exclusivity of it, and that is why here we do not sell suits that are shiny, because most of the time those are low quality and they always look cheap,” Mogwera explains.
She mentioned that they mostly have Paris brands like Verri, Azaro, Pierre Cardin, Balmain and Brands Collection among others, which are mostly preferred by corporates because of how refined they look, and even by very stylish men who want to rock suits in events. She said that they also have the Safari suits, which were made popular by the rich grown men, and these have blazers that are short sleeved, and do not need someone to wear a shirt or tie, but rather just the bottom and the blazer that is worn like a shirt.
She said that Thomas Berge and Jack Morgan suits are the ones that are preferred by young men since they are very form fitting and stylish. Mogwera emphasised that above all when buying a suit, fit is everything, in which you cannot just take a smaller size or larger size, because that will definitely compromise how you will look.

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