Kgale hill hiking

SHARE   |   Sunday, 15 February 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
KGALE HILL: The latest hotspot in town for health fanatics KGALE HILL: The latest hotspot in town for health fanatics PIC: Ricardo Kanono

.... Revitalises the body

Health has now become a top priority for most Batswana and just for everyone, both young and old. Over the years Batswana have been getting serious into making sure that they keep fit, which saw the looming of many fitness centres. Apart from all these, many have always chosen to train outdoors for many different reasons. And one of the places around the city that have seen people flocking to it for training exercise is the Kgale Hill, which is just not far away from Game City mall. This place is thronged by many especially as from 5 o’clock when people are knocking off from work. Until you go there you might never understand the intensity of going up that hill and having to come back.
Most people if it is their first time to go there, they always joke about how they used to climb hills or go hiking at their home villages when young, but the pressure that it puts on your legs will make your body shake and your heart beat faster because of the energy that is being drained out of you. This of course requires a very positive attitude because some first timers end up returning back before they complete the challenge. I have realised that most of the time the people who do not manage to finish did not prepare themselves enough for the conditions that they will face, because if you go there you have to tell yourself that I am going to finish it no matter how tired I might be. It also proved that support system is mostly necessary, and the hikers there always give each other courage to push forward, whether they know you or not, which shows one of the very good attributes of Batswana. When you go up you can definitely feel that your muscles are at work and your heart pumping in a way that you might think you will faint.
Personal Trainer spotted there also hiking, Kagiso Motseong said that this is good for the body as it can help reduce the rate of high blood pressures, the risk of heart disease and stroke among others. He said that the vigorous effort of going up a hill definitely burns a lot of calories, and can help many maintain their weight if that is what they want, and also as a good exercise for muscle toning for the quads, glutes and calf muscles and hamstrings. He attributed it as a good workout that can definitely improve relationships and relief stress since it is normally done in groups.
“This is also a good option for exercise for those that do not like exercising in gyms and who are shy because mostly it becomes more of a social thing even though it has benefits, because it does not look too serious, but just seems as a walk,” he said.
He revealed that this makes hiking a cardio vascular activity that can strengthen the bones through the pressure that is up on them as someone travails through.
He said that though many might not be aware of the activity that they are getting into and how it can benefit them; hiking about an hour can actually burn as from 270 to 600 calories depending on someone’s weight and their metabolism. He said that doing that every day is not even necessary since at least two and half hours of that activity in a day can bring very noticeable results.  And one beauty of it that I experienced is that when you manage to reach the top, you feel energised as if you have totally achieved something and acknowledging yourself for pushing your body harder, and though normally we get scared of such, our bodies hardly fail us.

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