Sofn'free customises relaxer system

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 17 April 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Sofn'Free products on display Sofn'Free products on display

Relaxing hair has become more customised with the new Sofnfree Infusions Salon Relaxer System that caters for the overall health of the hair.

With four solutions to promote safe and healthy hair growth, the company has come up with a hair relaxer that infuses moisture, oil, and nutrients into the hair whilst it is being processed.


The launch of the innovative relaxer system – held at the AVANI Gaborone Resort and Casino last week – saw Sofnfree South African hair experts and hairdressers, Joshua Ndala and Bobo Nembilwi and their team, demonstrate the new innovation to hundreds of local salon operators and hairdressers.

Ndala and Nembilwi explained to the attendants that the new Sofnfree Infusions relaxer system is expertly designed to meet individual customer hair needs and caters especially for those.


Confusion arose during the presentation with some arguing that a relaxer opens up the cuticles of the hair shaft and therefore a follow up treatment is necessary to reverse the process.

Responding to the queries, Ndala explained that the infusion crème that is mixed into the relaxer with the activator gel ensures the full nourishment and repair of the hair shaft, drastically lowering the necessity for a follow up treatment. “The relaxer opens up the hair shaft giving the infusion time to get absorbed into the hair and the nourishing neutralising shampoo seals in the nutrients from the treatment into the hair,” he said, much to the delight of the attendants.


For his part, Nembilwi emphasised the importance of customer service and its benefits to the company. He said the old adage that ‘the customer is always right’ should not apply in the salon and hair care industry because in most cases, the customer is being unrealistic in their hairstyle options.

“This calls for the hair expert/hair dresser to make an assessment and recommend a suitable solution to the needs of the ‘clients’ hair needs,” Nembilwi said.


He also noted that salon customers should be referred to as clients because they come for consultation at the salon and are therefore given the remedy for their problem. He implored salon owners and hairdressers to use the Sofnfree Infusions relaxer system as it will offer them the experience of the freedom to create customised solutions to their varying client needs.

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