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Desert Bush Walk beneficiary identified

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 08 May 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Desert bush walk Desert bush walk

CSI-Concepts FOUNDATION and The Desert Bush Walk Local Organising Committee-LOC are pleased to inform all their key stakeholders that they have since identified one of  The Desert Bush Walk-winter 2019 beneficiaries as Thabi*. 

Thabi* (not real name) is a 14 years old girl and doing Form One. She is confined to a wheel chair due to a condition known as “Amelia” (born with no legs or arms). She is in need of fitted artificial limbs. She cannot feed herself, bathe herself or dress up on her own. Dedicated to her education she uses her neck to hold a pen to write. She has the potential and right to learn just like any other child. However, she needs a few things to help make her life easier and to be able to be achieve a lot more. She needs a special desk, a specialized chair, modified stationary, a computer with a special cursor, and a pointer plus a special computer table. Currently, Thabi can only write on a soft paper as note books often strain her neck and slow her down. 


Thabi cannot walk the Desert like all those who will be attending this annual event, but we have since accepted her as one of the beneficiaries of the funds that will be raised by the Great Hikers. We desire to improve her stay at school by making it as comfortable as possible in order for her to be able to have full access to education. Thabi prefers empathy over sympathy, she likes to be treated with respect and to be seen and treated as you would any other child.


CSI-Concepts FOUNDATION and The Desert Bush Walk Local Organising Committee-LOC commit to the Universal Accessibility of Education for all, which is why they have chosen Thabi as one of the beneficiaries. 

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