Outdoor camping has never been easier

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 February 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Inside the bedroom of the tents Inside the bedroom of the tents

Nowadays most people prefer the outdoor life, and there is no other way to do that perfectly than going on a camping trip. Though we are used to people camping, it is not usually for many people and mostly for trips other than weddings, birthdays or even other celebrations. Maud Camping seems to provide Batswana with a new way of camping that is luxurious and offer the campers with almost everything that they want. They seem to be among the few, if not the only ones who are  currently offering the unique service that they offer since her clientele consists mostly of big governmental and parastatal associations who have entrusted her company with providing them with camping services where need be. The managing Director for the company that started off as a very small business Maud-Maureen Molefe said that though they also manufacture the tents sometimes, they are more into hiring and not selling.                
 She revealed that they cater for any group of people even if they have to pitch about 600 tents. She recognised the Toyota 1000 Dessert Race; popularly known to Batswana as Mantshwabisi as the race that launched her career, because it was then that she saw many people who wanted to hire tents. Not only do they hire tents, but rather they even put in all the necessary requirements like the bed, table and mirror, in order to set up a room for you that has the same services that you can get in a lodge. She said that their clients always have a choice as to what they want, since some can just want tents only, others may want beds only while in some cases some even want the showers and food catering, which they all offer. “Right now we have Botswana Telecommunications (BTC) at Khama Rhino Sanctuary; we have pitched for them there. We also provided camping during the poverty eradication trips, World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, World AIDS day and other big national events that take place in remotest of areas,” said Molefe.
Some people have always been scared of camping, because the first thing that always came to their mind was how they are going to sleep in a tent that does not have a bed or water, but mobile camping turns things around because whatever luxury that someone wants can be provided to them. She said that they even pitch inside lodges, like the time where they pitched in the Pelican Lodge in Nata, because the lodge could not accommodate all people that were there. She mentioned the remotest areas like Tshokwe, Kaudwane, and Hukuntsi among others where there are one or no lodging facilities at all as the places that they go to and it is in those places that they provide all round services. This of course can offer Batswana the opportunity to be able to go anywhere around the country, and at the same time sleep in very comfortable places, bath with fresh clean water, and eat clean fresh food. She said that they also repair tents and all things similar to them that use the same materials.
While camping of course your tent is your mansion, and it has to be as comfortable as possible in order to make your stay pleasurable and worthwhile. On what led to this idea of providing luxurious mobile camping, Molefe said that she realised she can actually make a living out of it after she started hiring tents, and some would tell her that they wanted beds, others asking for showers and other things, and that is when she decided to add all these things and cater for all the traveller’s needs. It is not only in events that are in the remotest of areas that requires camping, now that people have seen that it is luxurious and comfortable, they even hire to go and stay in places around Gaborone like the Lion Park, and even in farms around the city where people hold events like Son of the Soil, weddings and birthday parties. “It is very relaxing and refreshing to be on the outside, and the fact that we have a tent set up for you and a shower is what makes everyone prefer them nowadays because there is nothing that they will lack,” she added.
The tents are categorised in luxury, which is mostly for ministers and corporate bosses, there is executive, standard and sharing. Luxury and executives are the ones in which they normally attach the bathroom to them, while other tents can use the mobile showers that they offer if they want them.
Shirley Adams who has used the services of mobile lodging before talked of how the experience is commendable and very good since they do not have to worry about anything. “It is one sophisticated way of camping in the bush, there is everything you want and the fact that they go to any place to setup for you is what makes it easier and convenient, you just don’t have to worry about anything” she said.

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