Kabelo reflects on Culture Spears

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 13 August 2019   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Mogwe Mogwe

Despite   encountering   some hiccups, Culture Spears remains one of the most successful local music groups since bursting into the music scene in 2004. The traditional dance group has grown steadily to become a household name in the  Southern Africa region, even penetrating the lucrative South African market. Having joined   the industry  a decade back with  popular  albums Selonyana and Kulenyane   the group  nearly disintegrated when  lead singers  Magdeline Lesolebe -now popularly known as Charmagal and Thembeni Ramosetlheng left to pursue  solo careers. However despite the  absence of the   duo  the group remained strong  and resolute  until  Ramosetlheng  retraced her steps.

Taking the  journey back to  the yester  years  one of  the  founding members of the   group Kabelo Mogwe  shares that  gaining access to the South African  market  remains  one of their biggest achievements and  highlight of their music career.“Challenges are there in our everyday lives but I will say what we went   through in the past years has made us strong and helped us   to really survive. It was the hardest   time  of our  careers   but we had  to go  through   the phase  and continue  with life  because after all  ga  gona ntlo  e e sa neng”. However  I should maintain  that   getting the share of  the SA market  is the  greatest   highlight  of our music   because we are talking of 52 million  people against  our own 2 million. And that  was not all of it because  there came a time  where  we won an award from South Africa’s  Association of Pastors  just because they   said our music have   changed  lives of many  people in  their country, though  we won numerous accolades amongst them BOMU, presidential and Kora  this  one  stands out because  we do music to bring impact on people’s lives,” shared Mogwe.


Fast forward to the current years most probably 2019 the group is back   on their peak with a couple of successful tours. Following   the success  of Dibeisane  and Bare ngwana ga se wame  albums though they  are  solo projects under Mogwe  through  his  Kulenyane  trademark, Culture Spears  is set for further   greater  heights. According to Mogwe the solo albums   have kept   the fire burning within the group.

“The group  has always   remained  intact  because it was not like  we have  completely  disbanded –this two went  out to push on their solo  projects, it is just   that people and  fans did  not   quite  understand  the matter at the time. Even up to now I can still maintain that Charma Gal has not yet left the team, she is still with us it just that she is busy    with her own music. So during their  absence  I came up with  some ideas  but at the end of the  day  I decided  on  making solo albums  such that  together  with  those  who were available   we can  survive  and indeed I did  a couple of albums  featuring a lot of artists and now we are talking a different storyline,” Mogwe said.


As  it stands Culture Spears is on a  very  successful  tour dubbed Legends Tour Concert   which  has so  far been  to a perfect  start. Having already traversed  to  almost   four towns  in Botswana, the  group  have roped  in the likes  of Banjo Mosele and  Alfred Mos   who  they have  shared the  stage together. In an interview  Mogwe  shares that  the main   aim is  to  remember  the  yester  heroes  and  keep  the  group  going. “The  concert’s main purpose is to  recognize  our former    musicians  and this is a   project which is going to  continue  for some  time  because  we still  going  to   work with more of the artists and tour as many places as possible. I should state that   we are taking George Swabi, Stiga Sola and Anafiki alongside in our   upcoming tours shows. At this point in time we are just finalizing our agreements,” he said. The group has already covered Selibe Phikwe, Serowe and Mogoditshane and  the next  tour  destinations  are Maun, Palapye and Borolong areas.    

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