When your hair talks behind you

SHARE   |   Sunday, 06 July 2014   |   By Ontametse Sugar
When your hair talks behind you

Some when they do their hairstyles, it might be cutting it short or doing it a certain way, they just don’t want to send any messages, but most of the time to the people around you a hairstyle says a lot about you, from being labelled sweet because you have that sleek decent do or being labelled rough and naughty just because you have shaved hair on the other side of your head. All in all hair plays a very imperative role to women and it is what they use to define who they are.

This makes it then a challenging thing for women because to be a woman they are always faced with issues of what the society expect of them and this is no different into which kind of styles they make in their heads, thus we see the developing of all these fake long hairs because every woman wants to feel good and to be looked at in some way.

This has resulted in women going to very extreme factors of spending most income on hair in order to boost personal experience, a need for acceptance, concern for other people’s perceptions and even possibly the insecurity, and God behold, the introduction of the Brazilian weaves, Indian Remy and many of similar value has led to many African women to spend so much money on hair, which has indeed become a competition of who has the best Brazilian weave.

Women who have long hair often thinks that it makes them more sensually appealing than the short haired ones, and that is the reason why there are many long haired women than short haired women, and even the society has been programmed to think that what is hot and acceptable is when a woman has extra-long hair, while adorning short hair is taken to be boyish.

We have always seen in the societies that we live in that Mohawks, multi-coloured hair and unique hairstyles are always attributed to boldness and that the wearer doesn’t care what other people say or think of them. Most of the time the people that have these kinds of hairstyles are young men and women which to them is always about adventure, but we always see older women who sometimes have these hairstyles, and with the society that we live in, these people are always little regarded and not respected by the people around them.

Most women always cringe at the thought of switching their tried and true hairstyles, and this shows that our individualities are intricately linked to the face we show others through the hairstyles. Most women agree that having a bad hair day makes them feel low while a good one helps them conquer the world. They believe that finding the right style not only empowers you but rather makes everyone who sees you feel confident about your abilities.

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Rejoice Nijel, who is a professional hairdresser states that even though many may not realise, their hairstyles and what they do about them in the morning matters on how they are perceived as much as saying hello. She attributes this as a short cut to your personality and allows you to say many words without opening your mouth since hair has shown to have great social significance for human beings and acts as a very important signatory.

“Hair attributes a lot to a woman and that is why there is need for these artificial weaves. They just need to look for the right hairdresser who would understand which hairstyle would be suitable for their face and how to make them look good. They should learn to also stick to one hairdresser and not jump from one to another.”

Some men believe that no matter how women may try to defend the reason as to why they have short haircuts, it might show confidence and look a little bit good. A lot of men will not agree with it and will see it as unappealing and not sexy.

One Bobby Matale sates that what he detest about women’s hairstyles is these cheap wigs which to him looks like plastic. He says that even though girls look differently either with short hair or long, the African sisters should just stick to what is affordable and leave the fake hair weaves if they do not have money for the good looking ones.

“I don’t have any preference as to what women should do with their hair or how they should look, as long as whatever that they have looks good on them and they feel confident about it I don’t have a problem, but one thing is; enough with these plastic weaves, they are just too messy and there is nothing desirable about them. I think women should keep to singles and plaited hair because that is affordable and hardly looks bad on any woman.”

Bontshetse Magola states that he is a typical Moswana man saying that the fake hair does not appeal to him. “I prefer my woman with short hair, or if it’s long it has to be natural, without any weaves attached to it. That is a total turnoff for me and I never pursue those women. I can’t be charmed by girls with long fake hair at all, and the thing about them is that they are expensive, so I don’t want to be always popping out money for fake hair.” Magola added to this absurd typecast of his that he doesn’t date women with long hair, as he reveals that her ex of four years was even bald.