Tito: A Poet on a mission

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 October 2019   |   By Bakang Tiro
Tito Tito

In the midst of the high growing sector of local poetry industry, many new entrants continue to ditch the entertainment industry but, are only a few who defeats challenge and thrive further.

The gifted Kumakwane born rising poet Kopanang Tito is one of those who worked tirelessly in sustaining and is one of the most trending local poets in the industry or market by winning big.


Six years ago, in 2012 a vibrant entrant, Tito who is currently BTC Poetry Festival winner, made his entrant in the poetry scene when he made his first debut in the constituency competitions.

In an interview with the soft spoken poet, he said his passion for poetry has started long back during his early primary school days done in his native home village of Kumakwane in Kweneng.


He started to entertain during school activities at Kumakwane Primary School before venturing into local social activities like weddings and parties, but without any pay as he then did for fun.

Like any other successful artists, his journey in the entertainment industry has never been so smooth but, he didn’t let the tests he had encountered to hamper his dream of being the best.


Tito who is the reigning champion of the inaugural BTC Poetry Festival that was held two weeks back said winning the competition which comes with a record deal is big triumph for his career.

“I have been working hard in maintaining consistency in poetry career. The local entertainment industry is unpredictable and not much gainful. But for me to have won the BTC poetry festival competition makes my mission to be possible as I will now be recording my work,” Tito averred.


The Seromamowa sa Botswana (Radio Botswana) poem maker said the poem which he crafted in 2017 has also since opened opportunities for him, as his poetic skills have been recognised.

 Through the poem that plays occasionally on the national radio as the tagline, Tito expressed gratitude on how the poem has resembles his ability of playing with the rich Setswana words.


Moreover, as poet Tito doesn’t only aim to be well known in Botswana saying that he is wishes to pursue his poetry at the international level as well, so as to gain more traction for his poems.

“I have made poems on the events that president Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi graced locally, and I have appealed to him on several occasions that he also takes me along while he goes abroad so that I can showcase my work to the international community. I want to be now an international engaged poet,”Tito said adding that he will maintain consistency in doing the traditional poetry.


Prior to his success of winning BTC poetry festival, he also won the presidential competition in poetry category for 2019 edition, the similar award than he also won back in 2015 years again.


Kopanang authored several of Setswana poetry collections featured or published by Macmillan.

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