Ntshingane exhibits at Sanitas

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Ntshingane exhibits at Sanitas

Exhibitions are normally organized to help artists do their best and to bring out their works of art out to the public for viewing, appreciation, critiquing constructively as a way of encouraging the artist to grow and spread their wings.  Exhibitions are forums where the artist desires to make contact with the art lovers and art collectors especially.  Exhibition also afford artists an opportunity to be known and for people to identify the artist by their workmanship, the style, the choice of color, which could also attract buyers at the end or stimulate interest.
Last  weekend two female artists put up an exhibition at Sanitas gardens in Gaborone. One of them was Akanyang Doris Ntshingane, who says Sanitas provides a good environment for exhibitions. On the choice of the venue for exhibitions she says: “It has been my desired place of exhibition seeing that people who visit Sanitas presents themselves to be lovers of nature and recreation. I believe my artworks fit very well within the framework considering also the kind of products found there, they are of similar nature.  I also found it needful to take my art to a different kind of audience rather than always being within the walls of Thapong although wonderful”.
Nsthingane says the turn- out was very disappointing possibly because of the clash with a very busy sporting weekend or poor marketing of the event. “I was not actually alone, it was a double exhibition, I and my colleague tried to sensitize the public through the flyers distribution, interviews in newspapers and sms sent as invitations,” she says.
However she said nevertheless they had precious art lovers coming through to view and admire the works of art.  “I had many viewers who were quite amazed at the level of creativity and design portrayed in the works and some as usual marveled to see a lady breaking through in the art world which is normally male dominated.  The other notable thing is that different races of people really admired and appreciated my forms of art, which on its own is  a serious motivation for me to keep pushing on.  I have also noticed a lot of excitement from people who viewed the works seeing it is actually a one of its kind,  away from the norm and I believe it is also because of the color and high level of creativity employed in the works.  People never cease to be amazed at the way I use found objects of the very things that we live with and sweep daily from our homes or surroundings,” she says. Ntshingane brags about having very interesting range for the lovers of art and anyone who desire some uniqueness.  She does some contemporary art, abstract paintings, saka wall hangings, exciting wooden table accessories, unique designed paintings, unique gifts for your loved ones and all, installation arts, weaving, craft mirrors, dried flower arrangement, corsages for invited guests (using natural products), Key Holders, Trophies  and many others.  She works on Canvas, Cloth, Saka (Hesian Material), Board, Paper, Wood creating lots of unique décor for the home, office, farm, lodge, hotels even for events. “My raw materials are all around me making it easier to honor supply and deadlines,” she says.
She emphasised that art work is more fulfilling, refreshing and has got some healing effects as she has come to experience herself.  She says gone are the days  when art was taken to be some engagement for people who are unlearned because it takes some intelligence to come up with some of the pieces seen around and arts have come to be recognized globally. “My cry to the Architects, Interior Designers and Property Consultants is that please lets work together surely together we can make a difference.  Artists have what it takes to make any place an awesome and a memorable place for all,” says in a parting shot.  

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