Railpark opens flea market

SHARE   |   Sunday, 08 March 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Photographs from the Rosebank flea market, Johannesburg Photographs from the Rosebank flea market, Johannesburg

To some people swapping staff and hunting for treasure items is an aphrodisiac, and to those the idea of a flea market can send them to heaven since they will get the best finds. Though it is normal in other countries to host very big flea markets for people from all walks of life to come together to sell their merchandise, we hardly see that happening in Botswana. One of the busiest malls in the country-Rail Park Mall, will host the flea market at the end of March. This will offer consumers a rare opportunity of being in touch with the vintage things at very reasonable prices. The organiser of the flea market, Thabiso Mauco of Red Thumb Media, said this is the time for Batswana, especially the small business owners to bring their services to a different market. He said the flea market is a type of bazaar that consumers can be able to sell or barter their merchandise, and get high quality items at low prices. 
The flea market will cater for families that want to sell a few of their unwanted items, food vendors, or just people who want the public to notice their businesses. Though this will be a first for the mall, normally flea markets offer services preferred by shoppers for the extravaganza of being spoilt for choice because of the many goods on display. Mauco said  it is their aim to make sure that Batswana realise that flea markets are able to offer a true sense of shopping and relaxation at the same time, in which people from all cultures can come together for the music, cheap eats and merchandise. One exceptional thing that flea market offers is the chance for people to negotiate what they want which adds fun for bargaining. Mauco said he came with the idea after realising that small business owners have no platform to sell their goods, and as such thought of the flea market. He urged small business owners to come and showcase their goods. “Consumers will definitely be spoilt for choice because of the variety of goods that will be sold there. People will be selling vintage clothing, especially for women, and there will be just about anything," he said.
Items to be found at flea markets usually include jewellery, art, toys, gadgets, books and furniture.

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