Mafatlha tells biblical chronicle with art

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 09 June 2020   |   By Bakang Tiro
Mafatlha Mafatlha

Local painter cum self-proclaimed bible interpreter Olebogeng Mafatlha has staged the famous bible chronological events in art drawing dubbed the art calendar to restructures the humanity.

The dreadlocked artist said his mission is to share the understanding of the bible to people as power of drawing inspiration for people to repent and appreciate that kingdom of God is here.


He narrates the chronological kingdoms of God in the bible from first book of bible Genesis to the last being revelation unpacking how the kingdoms relevance relate to every generation.

“These biblical kingdoms are very informative to what is happening today in the world. The bible’s message speaks to our everyday situations we encounter either bad or good in the world. African continent and its people also have special place in God’s hierarchy,” he said.


Mafatlha has said he studied the entire bible and summarized its relationship with man and to a contemporary audience images illustrate and spiritually inspire largely illiterate audience in an emotional rather intellectual manner thus leading to the rise of modern Pentecostal churches.

“The biblical narratives that appear in both Western art from the middle- ages over the modern period can appear incredibly inexplicable thus making bible bit tough. Also, the visual material offered by the Bible is vast, and although much of art history attends to Christian themes, this list offers an introduction to the most essential religious stories in Western art,” Mafatlha said.


He also said there has been a conflict between the modern and ancient religions denominations regarding the Old and New Testament biblical scriptures about their spiritual help to mankind.

This, he said, it because there is two way methodology of understanding the bible being the spiritual and scientific that goes together but both philosophers of approaches often differs.


The artists avers that since people have been recognizing his art of explaining the chronicles of the bible some have been interested to take leap from the art as it helps them grow spiritually.

He says his interpretation art bible story’s purpose is not profit driven but to share this wisdom that God has granted him with people so that they could buttressing that sharing is good caring.

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