Colour Run comes to Botswana

SHARE   |   Sunday, 29 March 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Colour run Colour run

One of the most popular fun races in the world, The Colour Run, is coming to Botswana in October. Botswana will be the third country to host the race in Africa after South Africa and Zimbabwe. The race is five kilometres, in which there is no winner or loser, but rather all for fun. The first event of this race was held in 2012 in America with about 6000 participants, inspired by Disney's World of Colour and the Indian Colour festival Holi. Regional Director for the race Bright Gumbochuma who is in Botswana to facilitate the preparations, said with their Facebook page that they set up three weeks ago, there is so much hype that promises that the event will be a success.
The director said registration starts early to cater for all participants since it always attracts thousands of people. Gumbochuma said they are expecting about 10 000 people to register for the race. He said the event is suitable for families and corporate team building activities among other things, and that both young and old will find it fun because there is no stipulated time to finish the race. Every participant can have fun at their own pace. He said the last race they had in Zimbabwe attracted about 15 000 people. The Colour Run has widely spread over the years into the biggest cities around the world like Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai among others, but aiming to reach even more countries around the world. In the race runners begin dressed with clean white t-shirts in which they will pass through a colour station where they will then be splashed with a rainbow colour upon every kilometre that they complete.
This is done by the volunteers that will be there to blast the runners with dyed corn starch out of spray bottles. It is all aimed at uplifting every participant to stand out from the crowd and be merry, and that is where it got its name ‘the happiest race in the world’. The Colour Run Night takes elements of the daytime event and immerses runners in a night time glowing party where artists perform. He said they are looking at Fairgrounds as the host of the race because of the wide space to accommodate a large number of people. He said from Botswana they will hold the race in Zambia and Mozambique, in which plans for races in those countries are already in place. The ticket for the race in Botswana will start selling at the beginning of April.

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