SHARE   |   Thursday, 24 September 2020   |   By Molebi Obonye

The Great Marshell whose real names are Marshell Sefatlho says Covid 19 influenced him to rekindle his love for music. The Kopong born artist says that he saw how Corona had different messages such as, wash your hands, wear a mask and sanitize thus influencing his hit track called’ Everybody’.

Sefatlho whose love and passion for music creation started in 2006 began experimenting with music by writing songs and rapping. The Great Marshell draws his inspiration from established local and international artists such as HT Tautona, Big L Wasekai,Tux Senganga,Meek Mill and Tupac respectively. He says that he wanted to be different from other artist as his lyrics are vibrant, informative easy to catch and sing along .


"My music is  relatable  as it consists of  current affairs,I am happy as I can deeply cut straight through into emotions of listeners and provoking action from them,right now am provoking Motswana to keep safe during this Covid 19 pandemic," he said.

 With no album out  yet he prides himself with his  single  ‘Everybody ‘released officially on 15th June 2020 aiming at spreading awareness about the current Corona virus pandemic.The song urges Batswana to unite and fight the spread of Corona Virus by washing their hands,sanitizing ,wearing masks and appreciating truck drivers who work amid the virus to bring food to families.

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