Altezza vs Altezza

SHARE   |   Sunday, 05 April 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar

Even though the Toyota Altezza is not a new model, it was in the year 2014/2015 that its popularity grew in Botswana. It is a car that might have sold well at most car dealers considering its popularity in the road. You hardly travel more than 10 kilometres without seeing the gleaming Altezza on the road. Because the car is dominating the city of Gaborone and Botswana, recently there is the lady’s top that has a long slit from the waist down in both sides being called the Altezza. The top is widely worn by the ladies around, it does not matter whether the other one is pricier than the other, and they all look the same. This has resulted in the tops being called the Altezza, mainly because of their popularity as much of that of the car.
 One of the owners of the car model Zanza Gobopang said that when he went to the shop he was not even aware that he was going to buy an Altezza. He admirably said the first thing that stood for him was its beauty, because he considered that to be art mostly because of how it is shaped. “Its shape really struck me, and the interior is quite superb,” he said. He said that most young drivers love it because of the speed. On whether they are indeed reckless drivers the way most people take them to be, Gobopang said he agrees with part of that because he knows some of the owners of the model who always feel it is their right to drive in the fast lane. He affirmed  that he even saw that when one of his friends borrowed his and he didn’t like the way he was speeding with it, but when he asked him why, all he could say was ‘because it is an Altezza’.
He said that it also hurts as the car drivers to be currently stereotyped as the people who cause accidents. Gobopang said it is not a matter of someone driving an Altezza but rather it is just the same thing that can happen to someone who drives any other car models as long as they are speeding and driving recklessly. He referred to it as a very striking car, and that it is only people who don’t drive it who have quite a lot of perceptions about it and quite a different approach. He said the ladies now prefer it because of the interior that is very sportiest, the lovely dashboard and the space within the car. “Tall people can fit well in the car, and nowadays when I drive other people’s cars I find them to be very teeming,” he added.  On their car being associated with the trending ladies top, he referred to that as just an insult to them because it is not the first car to be popular, adding that no car can top the popularity of corollas or BMW’s, but there has not been popular things that have been called by those car  models.
He even said that it is not the first time that there is something on fashion that everyone prefers, but why call a top an Altezza this time around.  Gobopang said he even heard that there are tensions between Altezza drivers and BMW drivers, only because the other ones are taking each other’s swag since now the Altezza’s are the in thing, something that he said is very childish to do. Car dealer at Chief Motors in Mogoditshane said that as a dealer they have really sold the car to the young and middle age people. On what has been the selling point of the car, he agreed that it has always been the design that struck the buyers since most considered it to be sexy, and the other part being that of speed since they have the 4cc engine and the 6cc engine. “Between 2013 and 2014 it sold more than the other cars, especially the ones with nice mag wheels,” he said. He made note that it always changes with time as to which kind of car will be on demand, saying that before the Altezza the BMW 325 was the one that they were selling like fatcakes, but right now they don’t bring the Altezza because its sale has gone down, and the popular one being bought now is the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. Commenting on the top, Yaone Kedikilwe said the top is nice, and she has always wanted to have it but the way it has been ridiculed is what makes her to have second thoughts about getting it. She said though it is not only the Chinese shops that sells it, people have stereotyped it so much into making it seem like it is got for free at Chinese shops, something that she said it is not good to the people who wear it. “There is nothing embarrassing like guys screaming out of their car windows that a girl is wearing an Altezza, to me it has gone from being fun to being obnoxious. That top was bought by money the same way almost everyone wears flip flops, so why make ladies feel like nothing for wearing it,” she said.

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