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SHARE   |   Sunday, 05 April 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kgafela in her shop holding the feeding cami Kgafela in her shop holding the feeding cami

Pregnancy is not necessarily the best comfort for ladies – they have to adjust to a whole new regime of discomfort. They no longer dress the way they want but rather they dress in order to accommodate their growing belly and be comfortable at the same time. Fashion enthusiast Thato Moseki said that being pregnant is uncomfortable enough and as such a pregnant woman can’t wear uncomfortable clothes to add to that. She said one problem that she has realised about pregnant women is that even the ones who were passionate about fashion, when they get pregnant they now begin to dress in a hilarious way. “Most women lose a sense of dressing nicely when they get pregnant and I find that very unreasonable. I don’t get why pregnant women think comfortable is looking sloppy in public,” she said.  She added that there are so many comfortable alternatives that pregnant women can still wear and embrace the stage of life that they are in.
She referred to outfits that are stretchy as a must-have because they are able to accommodate the bulging bump while at the same time making someone look good and feel comfortable. She said most wrap dresses and wrap tops are a must have because most of them stretch too much and can be worn during the whole term of pregnancy. Moseki said one thing that pregnant women tend to overlook is the fact that their feet become bigger, which needs someone to get new shoes that are very comfortable. She said this is also not an excuse for women to start wearing slippers at work or even in the public places just because they are pregnant. She said they should get away from the idea of thinking that if you are pregnant you have to wear very loose clothes, because though they think that it is addressing the insecurities that they are feeling about their bodies at that moment; it only makes them look bigger.
She said clingy clothes when someone is pregnant are good to wear because they show that you are embracing being pregnant and won’t show that you are too fat. Moseki advised that it is important to keep to dark colours when pregnant and also to stick to one colour from top to bottom because that way it won’t make people who look at you to concentrate on parts of your figure that won’t be flattering that much. Pregnant Kefilwe Lebala agreed that being pregnant makes someone lose a sense of fashion, because it seems as if nothing fits you and that you can no longer wear the clothes that you love. She said one thing that they also avoid when pregnant is buying clothes because they know that after they give birth they won’t wear them anymore. “I avoid spending money on clothes that I wouldn’t wear after nine months, so the only things that I bought are a few stretchy outfits,” she said.
Omponye Kgafela of the just opened Cherry Melon shop in Riverwalk, which specialises in maternity wear, said they franchised the shop from South Africa after her husband went there and bought her maternity wear from that side since locally they could not find anything. Kgafela said she fell in love with the collections that were flattering her body well and not making her look miserable. She said that what makes them stand out is because they have the most comfort and are reasonably priced goods that are even fashionable. “It only takes nine months to be pregnant and with that you need quality clothes that are not expensive and at the same time very nice,” she said.  The shop offers very diverse maternity wear in which there are dresses that can be worn to work and the casual ones, jogger pants, jeans and any type of clothing that someone would normally wear. At Cherry Melon the jeans and bottoms have an elastic waist in order to accommodate the growing belly. “If you are a size 32 you do not have to change your size, you will still get things that fit you in your size but they are only made to accommodate your belly.” Kgafela said her favourite is the feeding cami, which is a top that allows a feeding mother to feed the baby without having to expose her body. She said they are already expanding in which a shop will be opened in Francistown soon while they are also targeting the Zimbabwean and Zambian markets.

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