The Passion of Christ relived

SHARE   |   Sunday, 12 April 2015   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
The Passion of Christ relived

The life and death of Jesus Christ is well documented in the Christian Holy Scripture, the Bible, and through faith, Christians know that he died for their sins.
On Good Friday last week, which is marked as the commemoration of the death of Christ, multitudes of Christians from different denominations gathered at Kgale hill to witness the drama depicting the events that led to their saviour’s death.
The drama, which was done by the youth from St Bernadette Catholic Church in Gaborone West, started with the trial of Christ and was marked with shouting and heckling of Christ. The emotionally intense drama moved lot of pilgrims as some shed tears as the actor who depicted Christ as faithful faced Roman soldiers who lashed and kicked him.
The scourging scene, which was the most painful, had one woman with tears rolling quipped with shaking voice, “Ao batho keng ba dira jaana! (Why are they doing this)” as Jesus fell down under the heavy cross.
Some youth dressed as Christ’s tormentors shouted and danced, “crucify him! Crucify him!” while others acting as his supporters especially women broke into tears. It was clear that the Gaborone West based Catholic youth have done their work as the drama was in line with what is written in the bible.
The pilgrims, who came to watch the drama, were moved when Christ met his mother and the lady who acted the part, her cries pierced through the hearts of the pilgrims and silence could be felt in the bushy Kgale area.
Catholic Bishop Valentine Seane stood quietly and  looking in awe while most of the faithful shook their heads as the young lady broke into tears while the youth costumed as Roman soldiers pushed Christ as he struggled to walk. The young man, who acted out the anguish of being tortured while he carried a wooden cross, touched the faithful as they lined up on the rocky road leading to the top of the hill.
Arriving at the top of the hill the emotional intensity of the drama reached its epic as the acting Christ covered in fake blood was hoisted up on a cross as the Catholic youths re-enacted the final hours of Jesus' life on Good Friday. Christians looked up at the crucifixion in silence while some broke into songs. The Passion of Christ drama is an annual event that attracts multitudes of people around Gaborone.

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