Struggling with weight loss

SHARE   |   Sunday, 19 April 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Struggling with weight loss

People of full sized bodies are often ridiculed for their weight. While some wallow in misery and shame about being fat, others take it upon themselves to lose weight because they know that it adversely affects their health.
Moipone Kepu, an accounts executive at Inskip investments, says she has always been a chubby person in the midst of her skinny girlfriends who would just eat anything, and this would fuel her weight gaining. She says she has always had weight problems but decided at the end of last year that she had to make life changing decisions in regard to her health and her lifestyle. She says she used to be on diet all the time and had plans that didn’t work because her skinny friends would then get lazy along the way in their goal of losing weight.  “It was hurting to be that friend that can never fit into their friends’ clothes. So every time we had a sleepover I will rush home in the morning to clean up, but now it has changed,” she says.
Kepu says with the transformation in her life and the weight loss, it is now amazing to know that she can fit into her friends' clothes. Recalling how she gained weight and became big, Kepu says it was her lifestyle at home that influenced it. She says that as a family they used to feed on a lot of bread every morning, and when she got to ork the influence was also not healthy.
She says she would buy a packet of fried chips every morning with two fat cakes and feast on that, and everything that came her way.  Her skinny friends would encourage her sometimes to train in order to lose weight. I was always that fat girl that they will ask me to train and I will accompany them,” she added.  The training did not solve anything as she continued to get even fatter, and matters were made worse when her relationship failed. She would eat marshmallows and biscuits until she slept. She ballooned.
Kepu says she made it a point that whenever her friends invited her for an outing, she would then invite them to one of her training sessions in order for them to acknowledge how serious she is and how intense her trainings was. Her diet also changed from oily fried chips and fat cakes in the morning to a bowl of bran in the morning, to eating fruits and good carbs all in moderation. She is now on special diet and avoids fattening food, and is passionate about losing weight. She says losing wight is not a short term programe but can be achieved over a period of time.
She started her training she was at 87. 8 kg and now stands at 70.8 kg, having lost an incredible 17kg.  She said that her focus is to be at 64kg with body fat at 30% while her water level is at 60% or more, and that is the reason why she is making sure that she eats enough vegetables and fruits. She encourages people in her position and those battling with body issues to find strength in whatever they go through and turn those situations into inspirations.  “The best thing that someone can do for themselves is to have confidence and trust in them. “Turn those negative things to positive things,” she advises.
She says there is nothing good about being fat, because right now she feels lighter and even more confident. She says although she has always been a brave person now she can feel it inside her that she can achieve anything. She says she is motivated by little things and always rewards herself whenever she reaches a certain goal, but not with food like she used to. The Head Fitness Trainer for Fitness People Thato Kontle advices that it is always important to have a goal when losing weight. “If someone wants to lose weight they should set themselves smart goals that are Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time framed goals,”  She mentioned that is the only way someone can actually lose weight in a healthy manner.

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