Sky Blue premieres at Maitisong festival

SHARE   |   Sunday, 19 April 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Sky Blue Dance Hub to thrill the audience at the oming Maitisong Festival Sky Blue Dance Hub to thrill the audience at the oming Maitisong Festival PIC: RICARDO KANONO

The annual Maitisong festival will start on Wednesday with the theme ‘Elevate’ which demonstrates the zeal by all the featured artists to raise the bar. Sky Blue dance hub who have shown impeccable talent in their demonstrations of dance with inspirational messages said that this year their production is called X. Artistic director and choreographer of the production Tumisang Baatshwana revealed that the new production will premiere at Maitisong Festival. She said in the production they will be exploring the world of secrets on why people keep them and how far people are always willing to go to keep those secrets. “Our culture is that of secrecy, our friends keep secrets, families and many other people, and this ends up consuming us because to cover a secret you always have to cover them with a lie,” she said. She said though the term of style that they used last year was African contemporary style, this year they will mix different styles of dances where there will be Latin and others.
 She said this year they are totally different because they were experimenting with a lot of things from their costumes to the lighting and even choreography. She said they want the audience to partake and enjoy the new dance moves that they will be performing at Maitisong, in which they promise to give a stellar show. She said that out of the 11 dancers in the group, nine will be taking part. She said from this the audience will get to appreciate the different talents that the dancers have because they are artists and have different things that they are good at. “This will give our artists the opportunity to shine and show their different abilities,” she added.
She gave the example of one artist in the group, Lesego Masaseng, who would also be showcasing his choreography in the production that they will give. She said they will definitely bring an all different flavour. Maitisong Director Gao Lemmenyane highlighted that this year’s festival presents a lot of different things, promising an unforgettable experience of electrifying music, exhilarating dance and theatre that speaks to the human condition. He said that tickets range from P30 to P250 for individual shows, or an all access ticket bundle for P1000, which includes priority seating, baseball cap and t-shirt.

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