No to sex toys!

SHARE   |   Sunday, 10 May 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Moamogwe Moamogwe

‘From kitchen to bedroom’ seminar postponed

The Health and Love seminar – dubbed ‘from the kitchen to the bedroom’ – that was to take place this month has been postponed. This happened after the organisers were made aware that the invited guest speaker Elmari Mulder Craig won’t be able to exhibit her products at the seminar. Craig is a renowned sexologist from South Africa. The event was organised by Raven Brands led by Allysonbuck Moamogwe, a health practitioner at a local hospital and a psychology graduate. She said that having stayed abroad during the time of her studies she learnt a lot from that and wanted to bring something similar here. They decided to hold the event in order to teach couples about intimacy and the psychology of relationships, and since there is no professional sexologist here they had to outsource one from neighbouring South Africa. She said Craig wanted to hold the seminar and at the same time exhibit her products that can help spice things up in the bedroom. This included an illustration on sex toys.
She said that they learnt from the distributors that the Botswana Customs won’t clear the items when they get here. They were forced to postpone the seminar that many were anticipating to attend because it is not always that a seminar of that nature takes place in the country because of the non-existence of sexologists. Upon inquiries by The Patriot on Sunday it was found out that bringing sex toys in Botswana is an offence under the section 178 of the Penal code which outlaws to possess, lend, trade in, export, import, and or exhibit obscene objects or any object tending to corrupt morals in Botswana’. Moamogwe said the postponement does not mean the sexologist won’t come at all, but rather they wanted to have a common ground on what will happen without the buying and exhibition of sex toys.
Moamogwe advised couples, who will come to the seminar at a date that will be announced, to know that they won’t be taught about mechanisms of sex, but rather about the emotions and a whole lot of things that can make their relationships and marriages better. “There is no doubt that marriages have broken down because of the lack of intimacy in bedrooms, and though we are still reserved as a nation we need to talk about those things because they exist,” she said.  According to her, there is no doubt that safe sex with the right person is good for health. When approached, few Batswana on the streets showed different emotions as to whether they need sex toys to spice up their intimacy. “I think toys are just fine if both parties agree on them and use them well. I think it can be really fun and I wasn’t aware that they are not even allowed in Botswana,” one said. “Why do I need those, you want my wife to cheat me with toys when I am not around, no I don’t want that. I think we are just fine,” another one said.

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