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The voice of the marginalised

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 19 May 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The voice of the marginalised

An author of Christian-based inspirational books Ndiko Muzila's dream is to ensure that people who are fortunate in life get to assist those who are not. She is also a musician. Her latest offering - Voice of the Voiceless - is also the name of the Non-Governmental Organisation she founded 10 years ago though she only registered it last year. She said their main focus is to reach young people who are marginalised and those who are academically challenged. She said that they got programmes where they mentor young people – those with learning difficulties and those that are very naughty in school. She said one project that has been a success is that of dealing with kids in Tlokweng who are misplaced and are not going to school. “We have so far managed to return others to school, which is why this year we want to officially launch the organisation because we think that it has long been overdue,” she said.
She said this year they will have a beauty contest where they will have Mr and Miss Voice of the Voiceless competition where they will look for young people who will go out to the community and serve the people with the little that they have. She said before the crowning they will take out the contestants on a 90 days expedition where they will engage on community projects and serve those who are in need without any financial assistance from them. She said they already have sponsors on board who are excited about the venture. Muzila insisted that  it is important for everyone to understand that above all Christianity is just not about going to church but rather about being out there to be the change that they are called to be. She said since they have a voice, they should use it to bring change because for those with Christ have it all. She urged them to stand up and be of help to other people. Muzila said the book is aimed at challenging someone who is privileged to be of change and the funds raised from the book and sale of music albums are channelled towards the foundation.

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