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BDP plots Mmolotsi’s downfall

SHARE   |   Sunday, 31 May 2015   |   By Shingirai Madondo
BDP plots Mmolotsi’s downfall

Francistown South MP Wynter Mmolotsi is reportedly coming out fighting against officials from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) plotting his downfall in the constituency, The Patriot on Sunday has learnt.
Mmolotsi, the face behind BDP’s breakaway party in the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), has been forced to take gloves off after learning of the plot to oust him in 2019.
With only seven months into his second but first term as an opposition politician, sources have hinted that Mmolotsi was still relaxed – enjoying the chants of victory and denunciations of his political nemesis in the last year’s general elections.
Mmolotsi, who participated in the last year election under the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), garnered 5 261 while Sylvia Muzila of the BDP trailed with 3 289 votes while Botswana Congress Party (BCP)’s Vain Mamela came third with 1 511.
Mmolotsi’s emphatic victory clearly indicates that he has endeared himself to the Francistown South voters. The expectation was that Mmolotsi would not be required to work extra hard ahead of 2019. 
However, The Patriot on Sunday has been reliably informed that BDP stalwarts and foot soldiers are now burning the midnight candle plotting Mmolotsi’s downfall. Some of those plotting his downfall are gunning to represent the ruling BDP in 2019 at parliamentary level.
Andy Boatile, the BDP Youth Wing’s chairperson, is said to be preparing the ground for himself and the ruling party ahead of the elections. Recently it is alleged Boatile had a meeting with the Francistown South elders at Tati River Lodge where he distributed clothing items to them.
In order to lure young people to their side, BDP is reportedly planning to set up a resource centre with the aim of empowering the youths with the required skills to run and start businesses. And President Ian Khama is expected to officially open the resource centre in the near future.
The plot, according to impeccable sources, revolves around ensuring that Mmolotsi loses the next election and then rejoins the party he eschewed some five years ago.
“It would be a surprise if the ruling party is not experiencing sleepless nights, plotting how best they wrestle the constituency from the opposition,” responded Mmolotsi, confirming that he knows of the ruling party’s plot.
Mmolotsi said the BDP must be worried because he managed to win last year’s election with a margin that he failed to attain while still with the ruling party in 2009. Six years ago, Mmolotsi trounced BCP's Vain Mamela by 400 votes.
In 2014, Mmolotsi had a margin of over 1 900 votes ahead of the Muzila. He said the development shows how he has become more powerful as an opposition candidate.
Mmolotsi charged that the Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi donated blankets and clothing during his recent visit to Francistown while campaigning for the BDP chairmanship. It is true that the BDP is trying every trick on the land to reclaim the constituency, Mmolotsi said.
“But my message to the people of Francistown South is that the BDP is dangling an apple that they will never get a share of,” Mmolotsi said.   
Boatile confirmed that he donated clothing to elderly people from Francistown South at Tati River Lodge and is indeed aiming to stand for parliamentary in the constituency. However, he was quick to dismiss suggestions that donating clothes was BDP’s strategy to reclaim the constituency.
“The heart of giving is amongst BDP members. So the donation of clothing was just helping after realizing that there are needy people in the constituency. I am just introducing myself to the people of Francistown South because I have taken a position to stand in 2019,” he confirmed.
Without giving out much information, Boatile hinted that the donation of clothing was just a beginning of big things to come in the build-up to the 2019 General Elections.


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