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Councilors demand Mafenyatlala report

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 June 2015   |   By Staff Writer
Tema and Sibisibi Tema and Sibisibi

Attempts by council chairman Jeffrey Sibisibi and council secretary Wadzha Tema to convince councilors that recommendations of an earlier consultative forum will be presented to the finance committee who will in turn make a presentation to the full council in a special meeting failed on Monday when councillors demanded that the report on the service hall set up at Mafenyatlala mall.
 Tema explained that the finance committee has been given recommendations of the consultative forum to consider over a week and give a detailed report on the matter to councilors. Councilors however moved from the floor that a report on progress at Mafenyatlala be included in the agenda for councilors to thoroughly thrash out issues and make contributions on the matter
The mover of the motion was supported by other councilors among them councilor Leshoma, who said they have been reading about the matter in the media about developments at Mafenyatlala. Sibisibi reluctantly agreed that the service hall report be included in the agenda for discussion during the ongoing full council meeting. Sibisibi explained that Mafenyatlala customer service centre is scheduled to be completed in July. He said other stakeholders have already shown readiness to come on board the project being Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Housing, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD), Local government, Acountant General and Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS).
Councilors also demanded that the Landboard be allocated more time to present to the council due to the sensitive nature of issues of land, which councilors said their constituents are aggrieved about. 
Addressing the second ordinary session of 2015 Sibisibi said KDC will send a team to attend the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) starts on Tuesday in Gaborone. the team includes  sub council chairpersons, two councilors, district commissioner, effects of urban sprawl on the district exposing growth challenges, land shortage.
He also revealed that Kweneng District Council (KDC) has been allocated P358 million in the recurrent budget, with an income budget P24.7 million.
Explaining the twining agreements with other municipalities in Uganda, Nyeri-Kenya who have an excellent decentralisation policy, world class ICT, community cooperatives Sibisibi said the have signed a memorandum of understanding to enable the packaging of coffee in Kweneng for distribution throughout the SADC region. He Kweneng Ventures- a company owned by KDC will import raw coffee and tea from Kenya for packaging and redistribution.
On the construction of the Molepolole Bus terminus, which was scheduled for completion in August 2014, he said the deadline has now been extended to July 21, and the project is currently 85% complete. Sibisibi said delays to the completion of the project was caused by alterations to the terminal building and mezzanine. The project was intinially awarded for P115.6 million but has since incurred further costs amounting to P23.9 million due to redesigning of terminus building and perimeter wall. The project will now cost P139.5 million at completion
Asked if the July deadline will be met Tema said last week that they are hopeful that the project will  be delivered on time. He said any further extensions can only be allowed at the expense to the contractor.

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