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Multi-Waste launches biological wash bay

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 June 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar

Multi-waste has launched the first of its kind biological washing bay at Molapo Motors and Naledi Motors. Molapo and Naledi Motors are the first ones to use the technology for the washing of their cars, and after few months since the piloting of the project they said that they did not lose anything but rather have quite a lot to gain from the program. The two state of the art wash bay recycling systems stands at 3000L per day at Naledi Motors while at Molapo Motors is at 6000L per day. The system is designed in a way that it recycles wash bay water for reuse in car and truck washes where they are said to save up to 180 000L per month.  Director of Naledi Motors and Molapo Motors Riyaz Arbi who first came with the idea after realising that they were spending so much water on washing cars and trucks said that there is a financial benefit to this because they have since benefited in saving in excess of P10 000 per month for the water costs. “This initiative is part of our dealerships commitment to sustainability, water conservation and environmental protection,” he said. Managing Director of Multi Water Multi Waste Andrew Davies highlighted that the system is environmentally friendly and treats water biologically without any added chemicals. “The system reuses 90% of water from the car and truck wash bay,” he said. He added that it is only 10% that is lost due to evaporation and spillage. He said the additional water required to top up the system, comes from rain water harvesting tanks that capture rain water from the wash bay roofs.

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