MP Butale traumatised

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 07 July 2015   |   By Phenyo Butale
MP Butale traumatised

It is indeed true that I was manhandled and carried out of parliament today for insisting that parliament should discuss an urgent motion on water and power crisis as per standing order 50. I had a meeting with the deputy speaker in the morning as procedure requires. The speaker who has failed to be impartial from the word go, then chose to misdirect himself, in a bid to silence me and stop parliament from discussing the double crisis. The speaker suggested that he would give precedence to a question that has been noticed by Hon Keorapetse. I quickly pointed out to him that he is confusing two very different things, which follow two totally different processes. I also made it clear to him that the standing order only requires of him to determine whether the issue that is brought by a member is indeed of define and urgent public importance or not. I put to him that since he agrees that the matter is important and urgent, he then needed to allow parliament to deliberate on the matter. I made it clear on the floor that for us (the opposition) it doesn't matter who brought it, I even said he could give Hon. keorapetse to table the motion so that the representatives of the people can deliberate on the issue. Despite all these efforts the speaker refused to allow parliament to discuss the water and power crisis that is bringing our economy to its knees. He then proceeded to order that MPs be forcible removed from parliament.
I am traumatized, I feel violated. How can I be treated like a criminal for simply asking for space to air the concerns of my people. If us members of parliament are censored, intimidated and thrown out of parliament like I was, with no dignity whatsoever, how about those voiceless people, whose only hope is us? Indeed I was abused and striped of my dignity but I remain resolute, I will not be silenced.
All members of the media are invited to a press conference tomorrow at 10 at parliamentary annex 1. All Batswana are invited to a town hall meeting tomorrow at Tsholofelo hall or at the civic center at 5. I will confirm the venue in the morning. Come all and meet your MPs and share notes on this important subject. All MPs who believe that parliament should prioritize this matter will be present and this will be a first of a series of meetings that we will conduct across the country.
Batswana betsho are emeng ka dinao re sireletseng isago ya bana ba Rona. Ke kopane le Bora-dikgwebo ba ba neng ba bua le nna ka dipelo tse di botlhoko ka ha kgaogo ya motakase le métsi di amang madirelo a bone ka teng. Mosadi mongwe yo o di rang moriri o ne a mpolela gore o kgona gore a sena go tshasa Motho relaxara e be métsi a kgaoga, a re kana Motho o kgona go sha thogo! Ba di hotela tse di tona ba re ba tshanelwa ke go dirisa madi a a fetang 100 thousand ka kgwedi go bata métsi a makata dimeche mme ba ne ba sa budgetela madi Ao! Batlhopi ba Gaborone legare ba re ba reketse ruri didirisiwa tsa mo matlong ka di sengwa ke motakase.
Ke a itse gore gona le batho ba ba bonang o kare go a tshamekwa fa go buiwa ka kgang e. Akanya batho ba ba yang go lathegelwa ke Ditiro ka mathata a métsi le motakase? Akanya e le wena o le mo kotsing ya koloi o tlhoka go bitsa thuso ya potlako e be o tlhokahala ka gore ga gona network ka Ntlha ya kgaogo ya motakase! A ware re le baemedi ba sechaba re didimale ka seo?
A kagiso ya modimo e nne le lona batho betsho, fa e le gore ke molato go kopa palamente go bua ka métsi le motakase ke iPona molato e bile ke taa tswelela ke o dira molato oo.

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